Tuesday, June 30, 2009

All it took was one.....

(Yeaaaay for Blogs!! (and Duathlons too!!))

...a funny thing happened along the way....this blog got lost. Period. No other way to describe it. Father of two now, increasing work load at work, and a new commitment to workouts, has left me little time to scribe some classic epic posts. However, that all changed this past weekend.

I was walking back from my pre-race warm up at the MetLife Duathlon, (a race I just so happened to finish SECOND in my AGE GROUP, no not weight division, but AGE GROUP!! And yes there was more than two people in that group. 33 to be exact, and I was second, yeay Me! (27th overall out of 450+ racers)...but this new found speed will be another post.)...when out of nowhere I hear something I have not heard in a while. Someone called out my blog name.

"Are you the Clyde?"

It took my brain a few seconds to even comprehend the sentence...Clyde = your old blog name = the blog you have left behind like a red headed step child, you prick....as long as it took my brain to comprehend, it took me even longer to mutter something back...

"Yeah, I said, although I've been very bad about keeping up with it, I must admit. I am the Clyde."

"Nice to meet you, I'm Rich, I follow your blog"....and then he went on to describe words I never thought would be adjectives to describe me or this blog. "Inspirational", "humorous writer", "I printed up your words of wisdom post", etc, etc (I was thinking more along the lines of "suck", "horrible" and "I'm glad you hung it up"....as I told Rich, I started blushing and got butterfly's in my stomach. It made me feel good that through this little space of the 'net that Al Gore gave us all, I have helped someone else out through my writing.

...but it also made me feel EXTREMELY guilty...guilty that I let this space basically go to hell over the last half year or so. Facebook took over, the world of one lines, Mafia Wars (even though I don't play) and video links....but it's still through the blogs were you can lay everything out on the table...let people in a little deeper. It's a side that Facebook still doesn't really have.

And so my "faithful" followers, not sure if there is anyone out there besides Rich left, but from here on out, I will try my damnest to post once a week at the very minimum. And so this is my post for this week, haha. I'll follow up next with a race report for Elkhart Lake (2nd place Clydesdale) and then the Metlife Du (mentioned above)....as you can see, somewhere along the line something really strange happened. This chubby Clyde somehow discovered he has some speed in him.

(On a side note, it was really nice to meet you Rich!! Thanks for coming up to me, we'll have to set up a ride in Aug/Sept or something...my last official race of the year is Steelhead Half Ironman, Aug 1st, so my schedule should be more open after that.)


Kelly said...

Congrats on the 2nd place. I'm still here reading. Glad you're back!

Borsch said...

Congrats on 2nd place! That is awesome! Glad to have you back...humerous writings..ha! Jk.

LittleB22 said...

2nd place! Congrats!! That's HUGE!

A lot less Rich said...

Thanks a lot for coming back!!! You have really helped me look at myslef and make me into a better athlete. I have three kids, not a lot of time to workout....but I am still plugging along. Your blog is excellent. THANKS!!!!

One of these Sundays I will join you guys for a ride!!!

Mommymeepa said...

I check all the time to see if you've posted.
I'm so glad you're back.
I love to read what you have to say.

By the way. . . AWESOME job on the race. 2nd place WOOT!!!

Tri-Angle said...

Welcome Back! (not that I've actually looked at your Blog lately)
I'll check in more often.

T. A.

Kat~ said...

Hey great seeing you to!!! Thanks for the drink! Think I high on coke for about 3 days.
Fun seeing people that you read about. Saw the Spandex King and couple other's too. Small world.
Glad to hear you signed up next year! Madison is a great town. I will be cheering for you guys next yr. Thinking about Canada.

Think Facebook took over by blog time, sad to say. But I still read blogs? Never know I might get back into blog land.

Again great seeing you, Kat~