Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bib Number

From this day forward, I will be officially known as Christopher Allen Quinientos Setenta Ocho.

Hey, if he can do it so can I right?


Bib #578.

T-minus 1 week.

I've got to go poop now.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Last Chance Workout

So I had mistakenly thought my taper would be 3 weeks, but rather it's more like a 2 week process. Probably better for me that way as I feel like I'll go stir crazy not giving a good effort for 3 weeks.

That being said, I headed up Saturday with a group of riders from the Fitness Pursuit and headed to Madison to ride TWO loops of the course.

It was a great time. I have never met the majority of the group and they all made me feel like I was an old friend. If only I lived closer I would be able to participate in more of the fun stuff they do up there. Perhaps some persuading of Mrs. Clyde is in order.

Anyway here are some of the highlights:

1. I didn't realize our bus driver was actually a Fitness Pursuit member, so I couldn't believe it when he parked the bus and pulled out his bike. I remember thinking "Damn, this guy doesn't know what he's in for with this group". Only to realize a few minutes later he was a member (and a fellow Clyde at that, so him and I got along - you know us Clydes have a demented sense of humor). It was funny, I guess you had to be there.

2. Really getting down my nutrition/water,etc. I was fine all day. No hunger and the body felt great. I had one minor cramp the last 1/4 of the last hill on the second loop. Gave it a few quick rubs with the hand and it was good to go. Not sure if it was a mental cramp as I knew I was done or what, but 3 miles later it was gone and my leg felt 100%. Either way I'm going to bring electrolytes on the bike with me just in case.

3. Having the advantage of the course virtually memorized now. For those of you who have not rode it, there are about 9-10 decent climbs, 3 of them being pretty good efforts. (Those 3 are all after Cross Plains)
Remember this, I'll do one last quick course overveiw. Once you complete the first hill coming into Mt. Horeb, you're done for about a mile or two as you go through the town. Then you have about 5 good miles of rolling hills, pretty much up and down that whole time (but you can FLY on the downhill of these). After that you have a nice little recovery area (about 10 miles or so) and then once you pass through Cross Plains and around Lake Katherine on the right, you have another 4-5 miles with 3 good climbs. ("Long and Sexy" as I like to call hill 1 for obvious reasons, "popcorn" (it just pops up on you) as the TFP'ers call hill 2 (note: only about a mile inbetween hill 1 and 2) and then "south beach" for hill 3 (look to left on the hill and the houses look like they should be from Cali) this is about 2-3 miles after the first two).

4. After riding it 3 times now, I really do find the course enjoyable. If you pace yourself right, stay within your HR numbers, it can be a lot of fun, almost like a rollercoaster ride to some extent. My speed ranged from 46mph all the way down to 4mph....

5. I'm not over confident, but I'm much less nervous about the bike than I was last week. Loop 2 we had a firm headwind coming from Verona out to Mount Horeb (about 10-14 miles), it was here that I really drew upon a previous training day. I knew I had biked further in stronger winds, in worse shape than I am now and for a longer distance than what I was about to do...even though I had a loop under me, I was able to keep a good pace in zone 2 HR through the wind and smaller hills and felt fine riding the rest of loop when the wind was aiding me.

6. Getting to pick the brain of one of the TFP'ers who did the course last year. Despite a very noise bottom bracket that he put up with (don't worry Flash is in the shop as I type this, it got pretty bad out there), it was great to pick his brain and listen to what he had to say about the race in general.
7. Being able to shower at the pool after the ride and Dan giving the lifeguards an accidental half flash due to him only having a small golf towel to cover himself.

All in all, a VERY good day for me. If I feel only 50% as well as I felt on Saturday, I'll be fine for the bike portion of the race.
Keeping my fingers crossed.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Monday, August 18, 2008

Spectator Guide - IMWI

For you blog readers, here is an "early preview" of the spectator guide I put together for my friends/family that are going to the race.

For you other IMWI participants, feel free to download and copy it/change it, because that's what I did from another guy (you may have to sign up to Scribd, but it's free, and then can you download it as a PDF or Word, etc)...I feel it's a pretty thorough spectator guide.

Read this document on Scribd: Ironman Wisconsin Spectator Guide

Great Weekend

I tell you friends, if every weekend was like this one for Ironman training, I'd be doing them every month.

Friday - 8 mile run with The Big Cheese after work (he actually got assigned to some storm damage claims close to where I live so it worked out). Nice and steady, Cheese is battling through some injuries right now. Remember Man, stretch and ice. Especially after you run.

Sat - Early morning swim with the tri group, at a great "secret spot" in the city that we decided to try out to see how it was. (Plus there were not one, but TWO different model photo shoots going on at different times during the morning, tough to compete with that Ohio St. beach, sorry.) Not to mention it's marked off nicely as a 1/2 mile from one side of the bay to the other. Besides the photo shoot, there was maybe 4 or 5 people there max. We had the place all to our own. 12 mile bike right after the swim, headed up to the city on the bike path that goes right by the beach.

Side note - got in a minor bike accident (not my fault), but luckily didn't get hurt. Apparently this girl saw no harm in taking a blind corner in the left lane (ie the oncoming traffice lane) on the bike trail. I'll bet she drives down the wrong side of the interstate as well. Her front tire hit right behind my foot, so I was lucky. She took a tumble, I didn't. I didn't feel bad, sorry I didn't. It's hard for me to sympathize with stupidity. Asked her if she was alright, she said "yes" and then I headed on. The biker I had just passed that was behind me actually gave her a little earful for me anyway from what I heard as I was pulling away.

Sun - 56 mile bike/4 mile run with the tri group and one of my best friends GB who came along too. Beautiful morning and I felt strong. Mindy's Buffalo Chicken Wrap for the post workout meal. Nothing to complain about here. Nothing. At. All.

And there my friends, you have a GREAT weekend, if only every training weekend could have be so much fun.

T-minus 3 taper has begun. 80 miles on Sat (two loops of the bike course)...and that's all she wrote until the big dance. WOW.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

IMWI 2008 Blogger Meet Up/Lunch?

I know last year was the mega huge RaceAthlete blogger convention at IMWI, and to my knowledge no one so far has set anything up like that (or at least I haven't been invited yet, don't worry I will not take it personally).

So I'm just going to throw it out there.

If anyone wants to do a lunch gathering Fri or Sat, let me know. I would say we could do Fri dinner, but there's that "mandatory" dinner us athletes (and I use that term loosely with myself) must attend, so that puts the kibosh on that idea.

If interested, leave a comment, or better yet email directly at and I'll get a group email together. I know Meg, Cheese and I (and a few non blogger friends of mine) will be hanging out for sure for a good portion of that weekend, so if anyone wants to join us, feel free. As Meg can attest, Cheese and I don't smell THAT bad.

Also, go over and send some good vibes Spandex King's way on his recovery....he hit a deer going 40 on his bike...he's been training for IMWI all year, and now he will not be able to compete. I feel soooo bad for him, I'm just stunned, just goes to show you can't take ANYTHING for granted. Freak shit can happen anytime.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Some Days It Pays To Be President....

......just like a kid in a candy store.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Flash....Version 2.0



Yes, yes everybody, here she is in FULL glory, Flash, Version 2.0.

Sorry for the long delay on this (like you really care, but still, humor me). It's been an interesting week getting these things on and up and running. There were several things I didn't realize I needed. Rim tape, removable core inner tubes, valve extenders, etc.... are all things I learned about the hard way about this week. But in the end it's all good, I figured it out. (Not to mention I can now also change a tire using just my hands thanks to the numerous times I had to change inner tubes this week, so some good did come out of it.)

I had a 10 mile ride on them yesterday, and a 102 mile ride on them today. For all of you out there who are not sure about getting race wheels, after my last two days on them, I can tell you they are 100% worth it. And whats nice about these C2's is that they really are durable, enough to use as your everyday rim, so you can really get your money's worth if you want.......(according to Annie Hed and I'd think she would know.)

I was going to go into this whole big thing of why HED vs Zipp, but I'm not feeling like it now. And that's boring gibberish anyway....basically there was a thread on Slowtwitch that covers most of it (an employee of HED responded as to why the C2's haven't been making much noise since they were recently released, he said they don't spend much money on marketing, they let word of mouth/the product sell themselves essentially), but I don't think you can wrong either way really. My interactions with HED have been top notch both times I called them. First, talking with Annie, then a week later with the sales guy who answered my questions honestly as I was placing the order -this was about an upgrade to the wheels that he didn't think was worth the extra cost.

I can't begin to tell you what an impression these rims have made on me in just my two rides. As you can see on that link, these things are WIDE. I removed my old tires, and the new ones barely fit in the brakes, even though they were "released" to let the other tires out. You can read on the link, but apparently the wider rim has a ton of advantages. I can tell you that compared to my other rims, they corner super aggressively, you can really feel the tire "grip" the road. I could also noticeably tell the lower drag of the rims, on my century ride today, even though I was only zone 1 and 2, I still could feel the bike just "push" forward, almost on it's own it felt like sometimes. Right now (about 3 hours after the ride), I still have the biggest smile on my face, I couldn't be happier.

So there you have it folks, Flash 2.0 as she'll be called from here on out. I have to go take care of business, if you know what I mean, no redtube needed today, I'll just be thinking of my new Jet C2's (60 on the front, 90 on the back).

(Oh and btw, the rims are the reason for no new bike or moped this year....I decided I would probably be best served with new rims vs. a new bike. I can use these rims for a long time, even on new bikes down the road . I also felt guilty for attempting my first IM on something other than FLASH (not 2.0 at the time), who has basically gotten me to where I'm at right now. It's not like she's that out of date yet as a frame (carbon forks and aluminum mainframe). I figured new rims would give me more speed than a new bike with stock rims. So that was what I decided to go with, I think I made the right decision.)