Monday, July 28, 2008

I got 'em....

All I can say is "WOW" to follow in the next few days when they are up and running.....

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A DNF in pictures.....

Let's get this party started.....body marking in the morning......(by the look on my face you'd think she's holding a needle)
Get the legs too....notice the little one in pink checking out the massive calves...don't be frightened, they will not attack unless I tell them too, haha.
This schmuck wouldn't be smiling if he knew what was going to happen today.......The Clyde is ready to get this race going...
I'm in here in the middle to the left, setting up my bike.
Walking to the beach with Meg, talking about holding in poop or going before the race, why Cheese chooses Minnesota over us, the water temperature, "I don't read him", and bunch of other fun stuffe .....

Dennis, myself and Meg, just before we learned our faces were going to freeze. Water temp was a balmy 56 or so degrees.
Me telling "the boys" they'll be alright, just ride high and tight for the next 40 mins or so...
Yes, my face froze like this....notice the fog in the background...the race was delayed a full hour, and the fog never lifted....sighting was a total nightmare. Does anyone look good in a swim cap and googles? Cuz I sure don't done.
Start of the Clydes, I'm in there somewhere.
Out of the water....notice all the bikes in my rack...I had a GREAT swim for me (33:31), felt fine getting on to the bike, was ready to rock.
What great timing, eh?
Climbing up the hill (on the right in white).... literally right out of transition.....with these two pictures, you've seen approximately 25% of my time on the bike. I got up that hill, turned right and settled in. Grabbed a GU from my pocket and "BAM".....was all I thing I know my front tire is all loose on me...I look down...the tire is off the rim.....I swerve to the left, right into oncoming traffic lanes, without any control (LUCKILY no oncoming traffic or you'd be reading my obituary right now, seriously).

Somehow I managed to get the bike under control and land on a grass patch between the sidewalk and the road. Dump the bike and get my spare tube out of the pack from under my seat. Start to change the front.....all of a sudden I take a look at my back tire, that's flat too. GAME OVER. I only had one tube. I didn't know what to do. I sat on the curb for a good 15 minutes, wondering what to do? I realized most don't carry more than one tube, so should I ask? Should I wait for course officials? Finally pick up my bike and do my walk of shame back to was a long, lonely walk.
My bike, the only one on the racks....I thought at the very least I could do is take a picture, as this is the only time it'll ever be the only bike in the racks by itself (you can see it on the the third rack from the front).

On the DNF....for the first few hour or two, I was "OK" with it I guess, as "OK" as you can be. As the day went on and I saw all the others coming in off the bike, then heading out on the run, really started to bother me more and more. I have never DNF'd. Never. It's not in my vocabulary. In this situation I felt I was more than prepared (considering I've had maybe 4 total flats in my 3 years of triathlon -- 2 of them being today), I never even considered carrying two extra tubes. Lesson learned I guess. Such a bummer though, because I felt SOOO good out of the water...I was very excited for the short time I was on the bike. Temp was great, body felt fine, and I was ready to roll.......or so I thought....

SOO....when's my next "race" you ask? Well I talked to coach, and since I have vacation this week, he "ok'd" a self supported HIM on Wednesday....which is great.....I've got a little score to settle.......

Also, if you guys could, stop by Meg's and give her a comment or two of support, she had a really tough day in HORRIBLE water conditions (no visibility and very, very cold temps).

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Spirit of Racine....RACETIME FINALLY!

Going to be another crazy week, so this will probably be my only post.

I FINALLY have a race this weekend. Spirit of Racine Half Ironman. It's going to be a much needed break from all this training...finally being able to throw down (hopefully) a little bit and see what I can do.

I haven't disclosed it yet, because I know the Pro Males would think I'm weak and use it to their game plan advantage against me, but I have had a quad pull for the last 2-3 weeks or so that I'm trying to overcome. Hopefully it holds up this weekend. I'm able to run, just the first few miles are always a little awkward until it gets warmed up and it flares up a little after if I "forget" to stretch. Nothing really major, just nagging, that's all

It's funny two years ago (Steelhead)...I was SO worried if I could even do this distance, this year it's almost like the race is part of a short training day...weird. And hey, you get to run through a zoo on the run course, so that should be something to keep my mind busy.

I know there are quite a few of you guys that are going to be in Racine, so if you see me "in the real" world, don't be afraid to say "Hi"....I'm only a prick on the blog.

Also, stop by Moonpie (1st Ironman) and Cindy Jo's (multiple finisher) place and wish them luck at IM USA this weekend. As soon as I'm home from Racine, I'll be on the laptop, victory brew in hand, rooting them on, in between my porn sessions, of course.

Friday, July 11, 2008

A New Arrival....

......shall be here within a couple of weeks......stay tuned.

(Hint: I just got off the phone talking to Annie Hed for about 10 minutes. Found out she's doing IMWI this year after a 17 year absence from Ironman. She did her first OF FIFTEEN Ironmans starting in 1983, but had been "retired" since 1991, talk about old school. She said her kids are grown up and gone now, business is running well (hint, hint) and she's ready to roll again. How cool is that?).

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Long, Lonely Road........

I think the mental part of training is really starting to mess with me. Maybe it's because I feel like I haven't really "nailed" a non swim workout in two weeks to my liking. Maybe it's the heat and humidity (along with all the storms this summer) that it seems like the same day over and over again when I'm out training. It just seems lately I'm less and less thrilled to do certain workouts. Oh I still do them, and have missed very few workouts, just to clarify, as coach reads this ;-) , it just seems lately like my "umph" is a little bit tarnished.

I guess coming into triathlon I realized it is an individual sport, much different than what I have participated in my whole life, ie... baseball, basketball, golf -individual, but you normally golf with others, hell even snowboarding I always go with friends. But here's the thing. Throughout this IM training so far, I have done a GREAT majority of the training all by lonesome self.

Don't get me wrong, I'm part of a great triathlon group (have to give some love to them, they read this too, haha) Multisport Madness. They do tons of training things everyweek/weekend. The problem comes with Me. A lot of the stuff they have planned just doesn't jive with my open training time, not to mention that in the last 8 weekends, I've been away from home about 6 of them. The one weekend I was home, I did the Metlife Duathlon with them, which was a total blast, the other weekend I was going to do a ride with the group, the thunderstorm gods put the kabosh on that idea. (We met, and then saw the clouds and decided it's best not to ride). And so I continue on.

I'm not sure why I felt the need to post this, maybe to just get it off my chest, and see if others have felt the same, but it even feels like when I'm out training on the trails/roads. I am the only one.

Take yesterday for example. 8 mile run, that I started about 3. Sure it was hot (again) and humid (again)....but you think in an hour or so of running around 3 o'clock on the only major trail in the suburb that I live in you'd see more than TWO other runners, right? Or my ride on the 4th of July (90 miles), where I saw a total of TWO other bikers (again a portion of it on a very well known trail)....I guess it's little things like that. Being a somewhat social guy, the soloness of this sport is something I'm going to have to deal with.

I guess the silver lining of this all, is come Sept 7th, where the IMWI crowd is typically 50,000 strong, I will feel like a kid in a candy store......

(Hopefully) I'll see you guys out there soon.