Monday, March 31, 2008

This has made me laugh for 3 days straight now.

To wear or not to wear?

Having not ever completed an IM, until very recently, I felt I'd be somewhat of a "poser" wearing one of these during my training runs. That being said, with the amount of time I've already put in for my IMWI preparations, the hours I will be putting in this summer, as well as the fact I'm registered to compete in IMWI in September, I feel I have a certain right to be able to wear it (as well as just being a fan of Ironman in general). Which leads me to another point...

Why is there a perceived notion among Ironman that is so elitist about it's logo? (At least it seems that way to me). That you can't wear the logo unless you have officially completed one? I just don't get it.

I mean sure triathlon has come a long way in terms of recognition, but still, any exposure to the general public is good exposure, right? You don't see people who follow Nascar say you can only wear Nascar apparel if you have raced a car, do you? Or people can only wear the Tour Du France merchandise unless they have raced in it? Where is the logic in that? One of the triathlon mags touched on this in one of the last few months, and I've been debating in my head for a while since I read that article, as I've had the visor above sitting in it's plastic wrap from the online store for the last few weeks, not quite sure how I really felt about it.

However this weekend, as I was completing my 11 mile training run, I made up my mind, and come next Saturday, on my 13 mile planned run, it'll be firmly sitting on the Clyde's larger than normal sized-melon. I may not be an Ironman yet, and maybe things will not go my way in Sept, hopefully they will and I'll complete it, but either way, I'll have put in the hours, I have the love for the sport, and you better believe that if I don't finish, I will try again the following year. That spirit alone, I feel, gives me the right to wear whatever the hell I want. "Poser" or not according to others, I realized I couldn't care less.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

And you thought I was kidding......

..........................about how I'm shrinking per below.....

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


As Ryan from "Caught on the Run" commented on my last post, I realized I haven't posted much about training lately. But don't you worry your little hearts out, The Clyde has been rocking his schedule strong.....last week alone was a total of 4100 yards in the pool, 81 miles on the bike (all trainer, bleh), 17 miles of running and two hour long weight lifting sessions...not bad considering IMWI is still 6 months away.

So let's look at some numbers for those numerically inclined.

233 - what I weighed Dec 15 (start of training)
225 - what I weigh now. (still 20lbs to go to reach where I want to be, but I'll take it as my diet has been suspect at best of late). With all these workouts my appetite seems to be non-stop, unfortunately I don't always make the "best" decisions when it comes to anyone?

33% -BF% on Dec 15
20% - BF% as of last week. I'm EXTREMELY happy about this......even if I am still 225, I would rather be 225 and say 10-12% BF than 205 and 25% BF, basically I might not be losing weight, but what I am losing is all fat, keeping muscle...... however I'm not sure I quite believe Mr. Tanita on this one 100%. As I noted above my diet hasn't been exactly clean of late. I stepped on it 3 times to make sure last Thursday, I'm afraid to go back on it tomorrow to see if it was a dream or if it really read that last week. But either way I'll take it. I have noticed that my waist does seem to be getting smaller, clothes are starting to look baggier, I can see some veins I've never seen before in my arms, and I have less neck fat (3rd chin is gone, second one is diminishing), all good signs in my book. I'd give you an over the shoulder picture, but I don't have one yet. (How well played was that Megan and Cheese?)

7:35 ----- minute/miles I ran on Monday in perfect conditions (ie treadmill at .5% incline) for my 4 mile time trial (mid zone 2 only!!!), total time of 30:20. You don't understand how happy this makes me as I did a 3 hour ride bike the night before on the trainer so my legs where not exactly fresh. (It has also motivated me to eat better so far this week (2 whole days, I know, I know)...if I can do this at 225, how fast can I be at 205).

21:05 -- time it took me to swim 1000 yds in a time trial the week of Dec 15
18:56 --- time it took me to swim 1000yds in today's time trial. (THANK YOU CHICAGO BLUE DOLPHINS !!!!)

That's all I got for now....time to get get ready for Marquette's Final Four run in the tournament.

GO MU!!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tagged - 7 Random Things

So the deal is I have to tell you seven random things about here we go. Thanks to the Spandex King for tagging me:

1. My real name is Gustav Christopher Schabel......when I was little that lead to some problems as you can imagine, so I decided to just go with Chris, life has been much easier since then.

2. When I was around 5, I knocked myself unconscious on a bike. My neighborhood friend had a Darth Vader type of mask that I wanted to try on, while riding my bike of course. Apparently the mask was too big, fell over my eyes and I ended up riding right into the back of a parked pick up truck, knocking myself out cold. I don't remember much of it.

3. I was a DJ in college, and occasionally I still dabble with my CD mixer/turntables. By my junior and senior year at Marquette, if you were going to one of the big parties on any given weekend, there was a good chance I was DJ'ing it. It was great. I got to drink, always had a "house" cup where ever the party was at, and I got to play the music I wanted to hear all night. Marquette even hired me out for a few gigs. I would say the biggest crowd I played for was probably 400 or so people. I actually met my wife through being a DJ but that's another post all together..... yes, she was my groupie and the first time we met was in a stinky, beer covered floor, low light basement. Romantic, I know.

4. I love to play basketball. I am living proof that you can practice as much as you possibly can and still not be good, so don't believe the hype kids, it's al bullshit. As much as you don't want to believe it , like I didn't want to, you will most likely NOT make the NBA, or even get to play college hoops for that matter, so please, study hard. Before all this Ironman training nonsense, I would play 2-3 times a week. I still sneak a night or two in when I can.

5. On a dorkier side, I also dabble in R/C cars. I currently have 3 cars and one very beginner airplane. As time is pretty tight, I definitly don't get to play with them as much as I would like, considering some of the midwest's best R/C tracks are literally 7 miles from my house. As I get older (aka when my knees are completely shot), I think I'll put more and more time to this.

6. Surprisingly I (as well as my 4 close high school friends) were voted to be members of my schools prom court. It was kind of an "upset" so to speak. You see, none of us were jocks, had girlfriends, drank at that time (I manged to stay "good" until the summer before college) or were considered to be in the "cool" group of kids. Apparently all the "not cool" people of the student body took a stand and voted for people they thought were real, not treating it as a popularity contest. It lead to some of the self appointed "cooler" kids who got snubbed, to skip the prom all together because my group of friends of got on. No shit. It was events/people like this that made me want to leave my hometown as soon as I graduated and get as far away as possible.

7. I am also a fairly good foosball player. My parents for some reason got a professional grade foosball table when I was little (even though neither of them play) and I use to play it a lot. I knew I was decent when I started to beat my bar rat uncles when they would come over and I was still in grade school. When I play against my friends, I usually play 1 vs 2 and still usually win with ease.

8. If you believed number 1, then I should tell you that I'm also a "little" bit of a practical joker. That is your bonus random fact about me.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Sweet, I've been...


....considering that I'm pretty sure there's still a game of "capture the flag" back home that I'm still waiting to be picked for (I never got picked for sh!t growing up, even though there was a pretty decent athlete under all that flab)..... I'm pretty excited about this. Now I just have to find seven random facts about me. Stay tuned.........

Saturday, March 01, 2008

So F#ck Me.....

I guess that's what I get for saying I'd be able to do a post last week, work decided it'll kick my a$$ for another anyway, since we all hate long written blog posts, I'll just do the cliff notes version, because honestly, it got me through college, so that should be good enough for you guys on a blog.

First some cool facts about Lake Tahoe.
1. 12 miles wide
2. 22 miles long
3. 1645ft deep (at least they think, no one has ever been able to measure to the true bottom)
4. It is a widely held rumor that there are dead bodies floating around 800-1000 feet below the surface of the lake. Since the lake temperature is so cold that bodies don't decompose, and bodies become buoyant at that level, there is said to be a mass grave of floating bodies down there. (Tahoe was a big mafia hang out in the 50's) Internet searches bring up different opinions, (read the second link on that page) but I think it's interesting none the less. (If you want to read more about it, look up Cousteau and Lake Tahoe). Since Lake Tahoe is owned by the Federal Gov't, they have not allowed anyone else to go down in a submersible to check it out. Apparently when Jacques came up he said "The world isn't ready for what was down there." Good stuff.

And now on to the pictures......

The view from our condo....this is about 1/3 of a mile of trail you see of Heavenly...and this is the very bottom small part of the mountain. Heavenly was massive

"Velcome to Kahlifooonnnniiaaaaa" (Heavenly sits on the Nevada/Cali border)

Picture of Lake Tahoe from almost the top of Heavenly.

Looking down from the top of the first "little" hill from the first pic......our hotel is on the left of pic (if you blow it up), right on the lake, green roof. Casinos are about 2 miles to the right.

Other side of Heavenly (non lake facing) don't always do mountains're looking out about 35-40 miles here....with storm clouds hovering overhead.

How many people can you fit a 7 person hot tub? Well I see at least 8, and this was just our half of the hot tub.

Who said I don't clean up well? Having some fun at Cabo Wabo club in Harrah's Casino (I think it was Harrah's)
Who says you need a couple thousand dollar camera to take good pictures? Me thinks not. More Tahoe awesomeness.

The group photo.....evidence that terrorists are everywhere, right Nirmal?

The Clyde and the Mrs. Clyde solo....9000ft up on the snowmobile tour.

The next day, at Squaw Valley...some dude with a funky new board, called a makboard...didn't see him on the hill after this to see it in action, but there's a video on the website. Pretty sweet.

The view from the top of's about 3.5 miles down to the base.

One of my best friends since kindergarten, Unertl, who now that lives in Hong Kong. He obviously likes to touch himself a little too much. No arrests for indecency here, luckily. Anyway this is a view from Squaw Valley, you can see Lake Tahoe in the background.
That's all I got, hope you enjoyed.