Thursday, January 31, 2008

Athlete and Hair and Lake Tahoe

Much in the spirit of "The Spirit of the Marathon"(well played if I do say so myself), the "Athlete" documentary is coming out this year....kind of the same, but this one also covers people trying to accomplish an IM...looks interesting, make sure to keep it on your radar.
Video Trailer

That's all I got for the next week or so....I'm leaving for LAKE TAHOE on Tuesday for five days of snowboarding, so I'm more than likely going to neglect this blog for a few days.
On the hair front, I still have it. A friend of mine, who shall remain nameless, sent this text.
"u r gay for real i just read your last blog and I am really disturbed that you put this much thought into going hairless although your arm hair is icky" (I do have NASTY tricep hair if I don't shave it, I will admit, I mean really who has tricep hair, what is it's evolutionary advantage? I have no idea, but I can thanks Pops for that one.)
Now, my friends, this is coming from the same guy that took a picture of me with pants at my ankles when, in a drunken stupor, I thought I had sharted my pants and was checking to make sure everything was OK. So said friend basically breaks open the bathroom door, much to my surprise and snaps a pic of me....... So you tell me, who is more gay?
(And let's not go down that anti-gay route because I'm not, I have a few friends and a cousin who is gay, so this is all in fun, but I digress).
But back to the NADS, I think I'm going to give them a try when I get back, and I'll try to provide video goodness for all of you, so stay tuned.
Later y'all.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Going Hairless

Well it's getting to be that time for me where I feel I should take the next step in my training and lose the winter coat my body likes to keep year round and and I'm looking for some advice.

Do I just keep with the status quo and do the bi-weekly shaving with the trusty Gillette Fusion like I did during my last try season? (Only downside is it always takes a long time and the hair seems to grow back pretty quickly)

Do I try, and I kid you not, Aussie Nads? With a name like that I'm not sure what to think. I actually already bought this, since it said "no heat hair removal", I thought for sure it had to be better than Nair for Men, only to open it and find out it's basically the same kit as featured in "The 40 Year Old Virgin" (ie wax and paper pull tabs) to be honest, I'm a little scared to use it. I mean seriously, does this look like fun below? (However it does say hair stays gone for up to 8 weeks). (A little FYI, for this scene, they really did pull out his hair, if you look close during the movie you can actually see blood, Carrell said it was VERY painful in interviews)

And then there's obvioulsy Nair for Men. (Times vary as to how long they claim hair takes to grow back)

The reviews for both NADS and Nair seem to be mixed out in the I'm not sure. I am thinking of a two prong attack maybe. Get most off with the Nair, and then use the NADS to clean up the rest (I'm thinking this will be the less painful way, since I bought it, I'd feel guilty if I didn't at least try it once).


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

True Story

Location: New Lenox Cardinal Fitness Center, Men's Locker Room, TWO, note TWO available showers.

I had just completed my 8 miler on the treadmill (because it was only like -15 outside w/ wind chill), I head to the locker room, turn on the shower to warm up the water and proceed to shower and stretch (yes I stretch in the shower, it saves time post run and feels pretty damn good to be honest). The shower I'm in is of decent size so I towel off in there as well. I go to open the curtain...


...wait for it.......

..... standing no further than literally a foot away from the shower curtain is a fully NAKED man that looked like the Grandpa from Lil Miss Sunshine (great movie by the way, SuperFreeeeekaayyyyy) .... so imagine this face but only about 10 inches away from you, and did I mention he was totally NAKED????

I immediately jumped back...(shocked really from realizing that when I pulled the curtain aside my hand was literally about 8 inches from his junk, which was in clear view, because again he was standing NAKED in front of my shower)..... and I said "OHHHH, excuse me." (not being a smartass, really it was a reaction because I was so startled)....when he immediately replied, and I shit you not ...."you're not suppose to towel off in the shower, get out once you're done".......excuse me, homosaywhat? Is this guy kidding me? I look immediately to my left and notice the other shower OPEN and DRY as a sand trap and shoot back, "Well it looks to me like there is another shower that is more than available" which the old man mumbles something about "Kids, blah, blah, blah"....and something else under his breath......

Seriously, unf#ckingbelievable.....I will be scarred for the rest of my life.

On the Ironman (I get chills just typing that) front:

Training stuff here..."big" weekend (I'll be in Wisconsin at my parents house) coming up, 9 mile run Sat AM, snowboarding all afternoon (last Lake Tahoe warm up, can't believe it's less than two weeks away) and then a 2.5 hour trainer ride on Sunday. Yes my friends, the IM training is starting to get serious.

Also, make sure to check out Cheese's blog and wish him well on his first half marathon this weekend (Miami Half Marathon).....(Megan too who will be running the race and being SAG for him at the same time, ahhh warm fuzzies). Here's to a nice flat course and cool temps for both of you. Cheers.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Lance an Ironman?

I know there has been on again, off again rumors about Lance flirting with the idea of an Ironman, but I came across this quote in the latest Inside Triathlon and I have to admit it has got me wondering how cool it would be if true. And I quote from the article .....

(Unfortunately The Clyde is too often on the wrong end of this look when biking with others)

"When asked post race press conference (of this years NY Marathon) if he would come back to New York in the 2008, Armstrong said he foresaw taking on "another sports challenge". obvioulsy that could mean that he's going to try and make that Olsen twin put on some weight, or it may mean he's thinking about a full monty IM. Obviously the mag may be WAY off base on this, but none the less, it's something fun to think about. Let's not forget that Lance use to be a very good swimmer, obviously his bike skills are up to par, and at this last NY Marathon he posted a 2:46:43......could make it a very interesting storyline if he did decide to do one.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I have the 305.....

.....but this thing just looks too sweet to pass up.

The NEW Garmin 405. Touch sensitive bezel, smaller form factor, I likey.

Read about it here.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

So I know many of you are sitting

there wondering, "So Clyde, where the hell have you been?". Well fear not my faithful followers, I am alive and well. Instead of going into long verse about what I've been up to I'll do the cliff notes.

1. Since I last left you I have not missed one workout, and this includes the one the day after my nephew got married, where you could have licked the sweat off of me and still got drunk.

2. Since I last left you I have not passed on a single holiday feast or candy, I am almost as proud of this as I am of number 1.

3. Since I last left you I don't think I have shed any weight, but we'll find out tomorrow afternoon. (The weight loss is back on tomorrow, the pizza and Mountain Dew I'm having right now confirms it.)

4. ..... I managed to talk my Dad and Brother in Law into doing the Green Bay Half Marathon with me in May. (Well they were about 80% sure they wanted to do it, so I paid for their registration for their Xmas presents, thus taking the plunge for them.)

5. ...... I managed to break my nephew's arm (not the same as in number 1) by taking him snowboarding. Luckily (if there is any luck to it) it happened at the end of the day, so we got to enjoy the 6 inches of snow that fell that day.

6. ...... I managed to live 7 days without Direct TV, high winds knocked my dish out of alignment and with the holidays it took that long to get a repair man out to fix it.

7. ...... I managed to buy a new bike trainer, (it's awesome) the rollers where fine, but too hard to do consistent intervals on without falling off.

8. ..... I managed to have my car broken into in Milwaukee, but the thieves NOT notice the two notebooks or Ipod that were in it (trunk), leaving me with "just" two broken windows and some door damage to the tune of $1800.00. Thank God for insurance.

9. ..... I managed to avoid my somewhat annual post Christmas let down. Knowing a ski trip to Tahoe is coming in 3 weeks will do that to you, bonus here is that one of my best friends who is now working in Hong Kong is coming in to snowboard with us for a few days of our vacation, should be a blast.

As an added bonus to today's post, for any of you who want to follow my training, with the feature of looking at some pretty graphs (although they are not always accurate for some reason), go here. You can even click on the link on that page and it gives you a break down of what I'm to do each day. Enjoy.