Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sunday Ride-Pyscho Century (OK Pyscho 70 Actually)

Who's in? Doing the 70 mile loop. GB and my boy A-Train are in for sure, so stayed tuned of pics of the Clyde and posse in very tight lycra soon to be coming to this blog.

HOT Ladies, I know, HOT. (Who am I kidding only guys read this blog.)

(Click on "Pyscho Century" on the left)

Cheese if you go, I'll let you use my Assos Chamois Creme (seriously,with a name like that how can you NOT buy it?) , I'm sure you're an expert when it comes to self lubrication.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Irony (or More Lack of Common Sense) - You Decide.

This post has nothing to do with triathlon and I'm not going to get into the illegal immigrant debate. But let's put it this way, if perhaps, you are a nationally known fugitive (illegal immigrant or otherwise) who is taking refuge in a church for the last year or so you don't get deported/arrested, then it is probably not your best move to go to a immigration rally across the nation, and be a featured speaker, with the national news media following you......just my two cents, but what do I know.
Also I did two marathons, this weekend, that's right two. Watch out Dean Karnazes.
The SurvivorMan marathon on Saturday, and the Ice Road Truckers Marathon on Sunday, that's quality television folks.
Hey the wife was out of town and I had the baby, so with the rain, any outdoor activity was kaboshed. Blame God, not Me.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Trail Etiquette

(rant on)
OK people, it's not that hard.

If you insist to ride three across on a trail that is only 8 feet wide please at least have the courtesy to try and squeeze together so that the runner coming your way doesn't have to veer to his right at the last minute, landing with his foot half on the path, half off, and thus rolling his ankle, again. From the looks of it, you definitely were not training for anything soon, so please don't hinder us that actually have goals with your stupidity.
(rant off)

Looks like it's back to the elliptical until this thing comes down from the size of an apple and lets me put pressure on it.


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Catching Up.

Just a little cleaning up on this here blog.

1. SOMA is off for me. Many excuses, but the biggest one being that I have not been able to get any type of long distance training in so far this summer (meaning more than two hours at a time). Between weddings, baptisms, Summerfest and vacations, this last weekend was the first weekend I had home in 6 weeks. I will not do a HIM if I'm not prepared and I feel even if I started now, it would not leave me enough time, as my fall weekends are booking up pretty fast as well. That being said....

2. I will be attending IMWI this year as a spectator, and will be in line at Madison on Monday to sign up for 2008. That's right, this Clyde is going for Iron.

3. My next "race" is Al's Run, named after the great MU Coach AL McQuire, who led Marquette to the 77 National Championship. If you know one thing about The Clyde, know this, I live for Marquette Basketball and Green Bay Football...seeing as MU's head coach spearheads this race, and several of my alumni friends are doing it, it's a no brainer. Not to mention it's a Sat race, that starts at 10:30, meaning of course I can sleep in late and then pary balls out the whole day after.

4. I'm not sure, why but I've come to find Lindsay Lohan attractive of late, weird, her mugshot picture that's floating around is probably the best I have seen of her, again, I'm not sure.. And not that I'd ever watch "Age of Love", but google "Jennifer Braff" (or hit the link you lazy asses) and then you tell me that women is 48!!!!! You have got to be kidding me.

5. 9 days without the sweet nectar of Mountain Dew hitting my lips....and honestly this week has been much worse than's like my body didn't notice last week and now is saying "All right scrub, quit f*cking around and give me the good stuff, big boy." I'm starting to stare at Mountain Dew bottles in stores like I use to look at porn last nigh,,,er in high school, you know the look.

6. Speaking of hot women, sometimes I do sit back and wonder just how in the hell I was able to "outkick my coverage" by sooo much. Yes I am that guy you pass on the street and say "What the hell is she doing w/ him."....just like my Mom said the first time I brought her home. Thanks for the support. Not only did I marry her, I managed to produce offspring with her...take that all you haters.

6A. 10 months, geez does the time fly.

Anything else?