Monday, July 30, 2007

7 Days "Strong"

.....and no caffeine, right about now I am really hating myself. Last week was tolerable, but I think the withdrawal symptoms decided to wait and attack all at once.

F#cking brilliant on their part I tell you, but I'm not going to cave.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Summerfest 2007

Nothing new on the triathlon front, except I'm switching up my training a little, but I will not bore with the details, basically just more interval training is going to be incorporated in....yeah something I should have been doing for say the last 3 years or so....

This last week has been pretty hectic....I have a Friday wedding this week in WI, and then the next day heading out for a week vacation to MI without going back that means packing for more than I care too.....that would be enough stress for most, but on top of that we dumped one of our cars this last week in a rush to get a bigger vehicle before the trip. That's right, the Clyde ante'd up and plopped down some cash for this bad boy (mountains not included)

To say this thing is a tank is understantment, probably not the most eco-friendly car, but the majority of the time I only drive it two miles a day, to the train, and back, so I don't feel too guilty.......we just needed it for the trips back home to WI and elsewhere where we have to pack for more than one night. Cramming luggage for 3, a baby car seat, and a portable dog kennel into a sedan just wasn't working. That's right, no more dog ass 2 inches directly behind my head. Sweet.

This past weekend, instead of going to the WIBA like a good triathlete should, I substituted any training for a weekend of heaving drinking and debauchery back in Milwaukee (so that's like a dualthon technically, right?). Hey, we walked about 3 miles all day, so I'll call it even. Here's a pic of myself and my fellow triathlong partner in crime, GB.

The rest of the pictures of all the Summerfest fun can be found here. Enjoy.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Might Wolf Triathlon

Swim: 400 Yards
Bike: 15 Miles
Run: 3 Miles

My first sprint, loved it.

Total time was 1:12:06-- no official splits, but what I got off my Garmin I averaged just over 21 mph on the bike (forgot to start it until a few miles into the bike) and then negative split on the run (passing people again, but most important, three people who had passed me in the first mile I was able to reel in and pass in the last mile). Hard to say my exact run splits, since the first mile of the run on my garmin had a bike portion factored in (again because I forgot to start the watch when I got on the bike), but I finished the last 2.5 miles of the run in 19:37. First all run mile that registered was, 8:05, the second mile was 7:45 min/mi and the last .46 of a mile registerd in 3:27, so I was gaining steam over the last part of the course. Always a good thing.

65th/169 total.

It was a total grass roots race, but it was flat and fast (not to mention the short kids triathlon before we went was really entertaining), so I'll take it. I actually passed more people than passed me, I owe that to the fact that I think less "recreational" triathletes are willing to do Olympics/HIM's vs Sprints, but I still passed quite a few athletes that looked like they should have handed my a$$ to me on a platter, so I was very pleased with my race. I can definitly see myself doing more and more of these (and doing this one again next year). All the registration fees went to a booster club for the school, so it was for a good cause.