Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Feeling Better

Well that was certainly fun...pretty much a 24 hour fever that ended right before the start of my 75 mile Sat bike ride, the first day of the MS 150, which I was thankful for, because it would not have been pretty out there had it continued. The ride went well, it rained for about 95% of the ride, but you know what? It was sooo much fun...I have never been so drenched and cruising along in my life. Not to mention they had hamburgers, cheeseburgers and hot dogs at one of the rest stops...now tell me the last time you've seen that at a race? I think I need to start doing more of these rides. I unfortunately had to skip Sunday's part of the ride because I had a baptism in Il I had to attend (I've picked up three Godchildren and had mine own child as well this year, so I've become a regular at baptisms it seems)

This weekend I have a wedding for my cousin in WI on Sat and a baptism (yet another) for my Godchild on Sunday, but I have signed up for a local sprint I found online Sat morning before the wedding, it's a small local tri called the Might Wolf Triathlon, and unlike The Big Cheese who signs up at the last minute for triathlons for ulterior motives, I'm doing it just to get in a workout because there is no other time I'll be able to get one it this weekend. When I say it's a local one, I mean real local, they don't even have bike racks, you're encouraged to bring one if you have it....... grass roots baby, should be a good time.

I've done HIM and oly distances before, but surprisingly no sprints, so I'm really looking forward to seeing how hard I can push myself on the shorter course.

Friday, June 22, 2007


I don't know what I ate, but if this keeps up, I will not be able to race in the Clydesdale division much longer.

Slept until 2:30 yesterday, after spending most of Wednesday night a top the porcelin bucket.....I feel cold, yet I'm sweating profusely, can't eat....this sucks.

Hopefully this will pass soon.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

That's more like it...

Stats from last night.

5 mile run (with four 1/2 mile intervals - 30 second walk, then jog, repeat)

Overall Time = 41:49

Speed Data Average (mph) Maximum (mph)
7.2 10.2


Not to dwell on the past, but this puts my Elkhart Lake showing officially behind me.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Quick Update

Well Jamaica was more than fun and very, very sunny.......apparenlty I look the role of a dope smoker because every Jamaican down there wanted to pull me aside to "give you a great deal, mon". Oh and we accidentally walked onto the Hedonism beach one day....talk about some eye opening experiences....full male junk (along w/ some nice females) on display everywhere...needless to say that was a quick turnaround.

(World's famous Rick's Cafe, a MUST stop if you ever go to Jamaica. To the left of the picture is a 45ft cliff you are allowed to jump off of.)

As for the race this last weekend....well it had been pretty much slim to no training since the GB half marathon....that being said I was faster on the swim and bike than last year...however my run was absolutely horrible (9:30 min/miles, compared to 8:15 min/mi at the GB half, just two weeks earlier).......so I don't know, just didn't feel like I had the gas I guess all day in my legs to be honest. That being said, my time was about 7 minutes SLOWER than last year....d'oh....I came in at 3:04, I guess there's always the next race to rectify things.

I'm a little, but not too bummed....I PR'd in GB by 4 minutes, then 7 min slower 2 weeks later w/ my weakness improving (despite swimming of course, again)...it just goes to show some days you're on, some you're not.

More to come, but a big "holla" to my partner in crime, GB, who blazed the Oly course at Elhkart in 2:47:35, good enough for second place Clydes division, missing the overall title by 30 seconds or so. Not to schabby for his first venture in an Oly tri.