Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I'm Off.

Heading to Jamaica until Monday...everyone have a good week/weekend...also go support the Big Cheese on for his first triathlon this weekend.
When I get back I've got 5 days until my first tri of the year, a nice little hilly Olympic up in Elkhart Lake, WI, where I have to defend my 225lb+ division 1st place finish from last year.(hit Cntrl+F, then "Schabel")..but I think I'm under that this year, so that may be hard to do....actually I just want to finish in the 2:40's, that is my goal. I did not have a good race last year, I dehydrated and was reduced to a slow shuffle on the run..... that's what you get when you wear all black in 90 degree/humid weather...Brilliant!!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Some Days...

...........a "day off" sounds like a lot more fun than doing the scheduled training plan.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Green Bay Half - 1:47:59 - 10th place Clydesdales

...more later when I get caught up at work...but Sunday was great...PR'd by 4 minutes.....if only I hadn't rolled my ankle 4 weeks ago, I may have been looking at a 1:45.

10th/88 Clydesdale division, negative split (was cautious of the ankle the first 5, but when it felt good, I decided to give it a little more the last 8 miles)...great day, but effing cold, 44 degrees. I'll take it.

Overall Results:

(scroll down on the link)

My time:

Friday, May 18, 2007


If any of you ever browse the Tri-Scoop message board, you're well aware of the discussion going on about this little supplement.

You can read all about it here , check out the testimonials here, and order it here.

The quick lowdown on it is that HJ uses a greater percentage of your body fat for energy during endurance events. Sure it sounds gimmicky, but what the hell, some athletes claim it works, and as we all know, The Clyde has a few extra "reserves" that hopefully this can tap in to. We'll see how it goes and I'll let you guys know after I get it and get to try it out. Ordered it up today.

As for my weekend, I'm off to Green Bay, The Clyde's 2007 season is going to begin in less than 48 short hours. 12 miles of hell, finishing up by running through majestic Lambeau Field during the last scenic mile, and then dinner at this pizza joint . I've heard good things about it, but never been there and you know that after running 13 miles on an almost healed right ankle, you better believe I'm going to treat myself.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Race On

So after a 7.5 mile run tonight, and The Clyde giving himself a weekend off to let his ankle heal, he has decided to do the half mary instead of the 5K this weekend with a few things he's going to keep in mind. (Considering his ankle feels about 90-95% right now.)

1.) This will not be an "A" race....missing the 10,11 and 12 mile training runs the last 3 consecutive weekends and it's easy to see why this is moving down in the ranks.

2.) Run a smart race and use sodium tablets wisely. The Clyde is 2 for 2 when it comes to the Green Bay half marathon and cramping up. Last year he finished the first 10 miles in and 1:20, or roughly an 8 min/mil pace. He finished the last three in 33 minutes courtesy of your everyday calf cramps.

3.) Have fun. Take it all in, since it's not going to be an "A" race, it can't hurt to be a little social out on the course and interact more with the supporters along the course route.

4.) Stretch after. Another area where The Clyde hasn't fared so well. He's 2 for 2 w/cramping however, an unimpressive 0 for 2 with stretching after the race, which of course means the legs do not function until about Friday of the following week. Let's see if a little post race maintenance can't fix this.

5.) Now that SOMA might be trumped (pun intendend) for a different late season HIM just look at this as another run in the training bank, for Vegas, baby. Vegas.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


This past Sunday was the annual "Sudden Century" ride held in Joliet. It was my first year doing this ride, I was suppose to ride last year and got a flat the day before. Not knowing I needed extended stem innertubes for my bike, I was stuck at home trying to figure out why I can't see the stem through my deep cut rim, what can I say, a rookie mistake, but "lucky" me, not this year.

So Sunday AM I met up with the tri-group (first time I've met them, what a great group and very welcoming) and we headed to the start of the ride. The ride is a loop and we start near the last aide station, ride to the start, and then continue back to the last aide station. So the 22 of us head down the path, not realizing that we had a modest tail wind due to the trees on the trail and everyone socializing. Those 12 miles or so were about the only enjoyable part of the day (besides cruising down the back of the Joliet Speedway at 30+ , tailwind again)...I could type up a report, but a few people I rode with, pretty much sum it up here and here.

Basically, it pretty much sucked. The wind was relentless. I was able to stay with the lead group for about 30 miles or so, but after that they dropped me and dropped me fast, once you get out of the pack, especially with wind like that, it's game over. However, I expected this, I've only been on the bike 5 times this year because of all the run training for this half marathon I have been doing (my next HIM isn't until Nov so I got time). After I got dropped it was me and wind, and lots of it. My normal rides I average around 20mph, the stats for the ride Sunday you ask? 14.9MPH for 3hrs and 20min...I think I want to cry.

I had planned on doing 75, but about mile 45, I just got fed up. It wasn't fun, the wind was still coming, my ankle was starting to give me fits from pushing hard and several times I thought I saw God on the road in front of me, so I decided to call it a day and cut the ride short, headed home on a shortcut that left me at 50 miles. Defeated for the day, but the war continues, haha.

Next up for me is the Green Bay Half next weekend with my little speedy cousin and my very, very speedy friend, Matt Thull (no I don't keep up with him, just smack talk, that's all)....my ankle seems to be getting better, my physical therapist buddy GB says I have a high ankle sprain, so no basketball for a few weeks, but I can run as long as it's steady and straight, no trail. I did 6 on the treadmill Sat and felt quite a bit better after I was done so we'll see.

Going to do 11 on the the Old Plank paved trail this weekend and see how it feels, keeping my fingers crossed. If it feels OK, the half will go back up to an B+/A race, if not, it's going to be a nice little 13 mile training run, as much as that bums me out.

Congrats to all you guys who managed to stay out there Sunday for the ride and to all the Wildflower finishers from RaceAthlete.com as well.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Bum Ankle

Two weeks until race day and I still can't comfortably run without pain. I don't experience injuries much, but I can tell you the thought of having to miss a planned "A" race because of an injury just totally depresses me (or at least not being able to compete in it like I want to), I was in a funk all of last week. And then I start to think of how religiously I was following the program and now that all seems shot to hell....ugh.

I'm thinking it might be more than just a rolled ankle, perhaps a light sprain. I feel it in my achilles and towards the front of my ankle now....where it really gets me is when I try to skip (to see if it was tender) and I could barely get a "push" out of my right leg ...shooting pain....it even tings a little when I kick during swimming. So it's been mostly bike and elliptical trainer for me...and for those of you thinking running on a treadmill is boring...try doing the elliptical for an hour....total boredom.