Monday, March 26, 2007

Where have you been my entire life?

How is it that I can feel so attached to something so small....

Runs are going great....same for the rides, same for the swimming, even though I've only swam twice the last two weeks (and before that it goes back to August and Steelhead) offseason weight workouts have definitly kept me in good swimming shape though. It was 78 this weekend (a record high for Chi-town)...enough for me to get in an hour swim/7mile brick on Sat and a easy paced hour recovery ride on Sunday.....spring fever has definitly hit me.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I Do Run Run Run I Do Run Run

That's pretty much the story of my last 5 weeks....strength and running, the 2007 season is starting off much more serious than last year. I joined the club across the street from work, and instead of being a big fish in a small pond out in the burbs when it comes to running, I'm a big fish (let's be realistic, I'm a clyde) in a BIG pond. Seeing all these guys rip up the treadmill at 9 and 10 mph paces has really made my run focus become clear. I'm already at weekly mileages that I was never at during my HIM trainings last year...needless to say I'm expecting "very nice" results in my run this year...I am definitly not letting what happened in the last leg of my HIM hit me again this year.

On other fronts...I finally grew a pair and decided to get Flash on the Kreitler rollers I bought....what an experience....after being checked into the wall 3 times in the first 15 minutes of trying to learn my balance....I finally figured it out...what a fun time these rollers are turning out be. It's almost like a video game you're playing with your body.....will I stay on these 18 inch rollers or will I fly off into the wall again? Good times I tell you.

Also tried out my Garmin 305 finally, no silly, not outdoors as it's been ridiculously below avg temperatures in Chicago the last 6 weeks, but solely as a heart monitor...once I figure out how to post the charts from the Garmin software to here, I will. I know, I know, try to contain yourselves.

That's all for now kids, have a race coming up in two weeks, the Shamrock Shuffle, but I have a b-day party for a friend the night before that I know is going to get out of we'll see how I feel in the AM that Sunday....main reason I want to go to that race is because I get to start at the preffered gate based off my time last year, and you know, anything that is good for ego, is good for the soul.