Wednesday, November 15, 2006

One More..

I'll post more about training coming up, but in the mean time...this is just so friends and I use to "freestyle walk" as we would call it after several beers took there effect on us, even I coming up the the life defying "double nutter" move - use your imagination, but it involved one of these.

But we never took it to this level, ala what they call Parkour, crazy.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

My New Training Method

Not much cardio, but it sure is a whole lot of fun.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Tenative 2007

There will be some fine tuning, as the dates for a few of the sprints/olympic distances are not out yet that I would like to do...but this is what my 2007 race calendar is looking like so far...some of the dates are from 2006 as well, but it gives a general idea of the timeline of the events.

Date Event

Sun March 25 Shamrock Shuffle (preffered start from last years performance, oh yeah!! This year we are sub 40min)
Sat May 5th Mini Indy Half Marathon
Sunday May 20th Green Bay Half Marathon
June 4th? Tri-State Tour (bike tour from Indiana to WI in one day)
Sat June 25th? Tinley Park Duathlon
Sat,Sun, July 7-8 WIBA (ride/run) IMWI course (RaceAthele crew podcasters)
Sat, July 21st The Spirit of Racine Sprint Triathlon
Sat Aug 4th Xterra Off Road Triathlon Championships - Milwaukee or Steelhead
Sun August 26th Accenture Chicago Triathlon
Sun,Oct 7th Chicago Marathon
Sun Oct 27th SOMA Half Ironman (Arizona)

So not too bad...two races out of the Il/WI area....the two I'm really excited about are the Xterra (my first one) and the SOMA Half's looking like GB and The Big Show will make SOMA, as well as doing a little head to head with the 2006 Clydesdale Champion of the Southwest Challenge series, Myles...gulp, what did The Clyde get himself into to?

Nothing is better to help in training than having a schedule...and now we're tenatively set, so let the games/training begin!!!