Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Clyde, coming to a town near you?

Yes my faithful, it has been a while. I originally had planned to take about a month off after my HIM, with start up date of around mid-late Sept...well as you can see below, I had some other things to attend to and one week just kind of rolled into the next, and now it's almost November.

But now, I am back, and ready, to start rocking and rolling for the upcoming 2007 season.

Which leads me to my next question, which races should I do?

So I throw the question out to you all. Mrs Clyde has said she'd be more than willing to travel next year to watch some races, so that means this next season I'm taking this little sport of mine nationwide!!!!!

........So I need your help.....what races have you guys done that you'd recommend?

At that this point, I'd say it have to be at least an Olympic or HIM Tri or at least a Half Marathon to make the trip worthwile. So let's hear it everybody, what is a race that The Clyde should do in your area? (oh yeah, and can I crash at your place? haha).

In other news, next year I will have a bonafide partner in crime (possible two, but one for sure). Much like the Kahuna/Robo-Stu affair, some question our real motives, but I will plead to the grave that the relationship we share is purely platonic and the object of our affection is simply triathlon (along with beer and Marquette Basketball). From here on out he shall be referred to as "GB", explination later, and the other, if he sticks to his commitment will be "The Big Show".

I've been lurking, so have been up to date on what's going on with everyone, and now it's my turn to get back into the fray, as you can remember, I have a bone to pick with the last 13 miles of my next HIM. Let the training begin.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

An addition to the Clyde's stable...

Here she is, my little princess, Violet Renee, born the 30th at 6:06 in the morning. Looks like she's going to be an Athena, born at 9lbs, 9oz. Mom and baby are doing great!!! (Mom had to have C-section after 16hrs of labor 4hrs of which were intense pushing. Talk about an IronMama, no way that almost 10lb baby was coming out of her 110lb frame the doc said.)