Sunday, June 18, 2006

Race Report

Tranisition area, pre race. The race was held at the beatuiful Osthoff Resort, in Elkhart Lake, WI. If you ever want to go to a secluded "little" resort to get away, I would highly recommend it.

A view of the swim course. The close yellow bouy is the turn around for the sprint, the second (way in back if you click on the picture and expand) was the one for the olympic. You never really get a grasp of distance in the water when you swim in the pool. Looking out there I was a little intimidated by the distance, but then had to keep reassuring myself, that I had gone much further than that in the pool plenty of times before.

This being my 1st time ever donning a wetsuit or doing a legitimate open water swim, I was a little nervous. However, once I got in to the water, it quickly passed. The swim was OK, the water was pretty cloudy, so you couldn't see much, barely the tips of your hands as they passed underneath. Besides that, the swim was pretty uneventful, only got kicked once, and I think I may have elbowed some people 3 or 4 times, but besides that, it was pretty smooth. I finished in 34 and some odd minutes. Came out of the water, fatigued, but VERY glad to be done. One thing I do need to work on is spotting, there were two seperate times, where I was WAY off course.

The bike course was VERY, VERY hilly and I could tell my lack of hills in the area I live in was definitly not helping me out. Even though we started seperate from the sprint tri, the road course was the same, so it was difficult to tell if I was passing competitiors in the oly or not, either way, I definitly passed more people on the bike than passed me, so I was happy with that. I should point out that there was one hill that was so steep that they actually had a medic stationed at the top, to help anyone if need be, I would say a good 20-30% of the riders actually unclipped and walked/jogged up it, it was Colorado mountain foothills steep (I use to live in Fort Collins, so yes, I do know what I'm talking about). The second half of the oly course, was a 3 mile loop, that we had to do 4 times. It was pretty interesting to see how the "elite" athletes just absolutely fly on their bikes. ZOOM, GONE. Totally amazing.

So for the bike, I managed to get through (and up that one particular hill without unclipping), and actually felt like I had more energy than I did coming out of the water, so that was refreshing. Total time was 1:27, which for me, is a pretty slow pace, I was a little dissapointed in that, but the hills definitly were the instigator there. Also my bike computer became "unsynced" during the ride, so I had no information on mileage while I was riding. As I come back to town, I could tell that the hills had taken there toll on me, as my legs as I unclipped and ran to T2 (above) did seem a lot more heavy than normal.

Racking my bike, T2

As I come out of T2, my legs actually seemed to "lighten"a little bit, but this would be short lived. I run out of the gate, grab a gatorade (pics above and below) and head out on my way. The first 3/4 mile is no problem, but then, you guessed it, for the next 1.5-2 miles, it was literaly a slow sloping uphill (I thought we had enough of these on the bike) with an occasional uphill steep kicker thrown in. My legs just pretty much died. However, I promised myself that no matter what, I would only walk when drinking water/gatorade from the aid station, and no more than 25 paces before I start to run again.

I held on to that and finished the last 3 miles. In those last 3 miles there was, to my relief, a good mile of gradual downhill, followed by another pretty steep uphill which finally leveled off for about the last 3/4 mile into town. Right about as this picture was taken below, I looked up and saw the clock said 3:00:01 and at least smiled in knowing that I did make my time of 2:45-3hrs that I had set for myself, the Clydesdales were the second group to start, behind the elites which went out 3 minutes before us so I knew my time was 2:57-2:58ish. My run time a lethargic (for me) 56:30. Not horrible, but not the best either, at least it gives me something to work on.

Coming down the homestretch.

Finishing up.

Where's the beer?

All in all, it was a great learing experience. I took 1st in my weight division of the Clydesdale, but besides that my overall placing was not something to write home about. 142/219.

The thing I realized about this distance is that people take it a lot more serious than say a sprint triathlon, or even a 5 or 10K road race. There are a lot more hard and well conditioned bodies racing, and you don't have as many weekend warriors willing to do the Oly distance event. This has made me realize that for distances of Oly or higher, I really need to start taking my training more seriously if I want to be more competitive, not only in the Clydes division, but overall. I have also realized that I need to get in more hill training (run and bike). Doing flat intervals in a higher gear (or intervals when running) does not equal the same workout as actually riding/running on hills. I do have 3 or 4 where I live that I can utilize, so I'm going to have to start doing more loop workouts that work those in. That, along with trips back home to WI and to MI (to ride the Steelhead course), should get me a little more prepared.

Well I probably have bored you enough, so I'll sign off for now. I did do some training this weekend back home at my folks place in WI, so VERY hilly and slow (3hr bike ride in the hills at 90 degrees and ridiculous humidity), but I'll leave that for a post later in the week.

Monday, June 12, 2006

OK, OK....

so it was only 4 people, but still something to make the day worth it. Full race report tomorrow.

Place No. Name Ag Rank Swim Rank Bike Rate Rank Run Pace Total Penalty Final

1 42 Chris Schabel 30 3 34:22 1 1:27:39 27.4 1 56:30 9:06 2:58:31 2:58:31
2 30 Shawn Adams 33 4 34:23 2 1:35:27 25.1 2 58:51 9:29 3:08:40 3:08:40
3 175 Sean Mars 35 1 30:12 3 1:36:17 24.9 3 1:02:47 10:07 3:09:15 3:09:15
4 31 Perry Benes 39 2 30:38 4 1:40:09 24.0 4 1:02:52 10:08 3:13:38 3:13:38

I tell you, lately I come in to work more tired Monday than when I left Friday..(for those that don't know, I'm Chris Schabel).

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

So how was your weekend?

You really want to know?

6:30 - 7 - get up and get ready
7-7:45 - Drive to meet up with TNT group.
8-10:05 - Double 11 miles, run 3, repeat.
10-11 - Drive back home
11-1:15 - Shower, clean up, eat.
1:15 - 3:30 - Drive to Milwaukee for Brewer game (bad traffic)
3:30-10:00 - Tailgate/Watch Brewer game (no not a single beer, if you really know me, you can only understand how hard that was)
10:00-12:00 Drive back (no traffic)
12:00-12:30 Get ready for bed.
12:30 - Sleep

4:30 AM - Get up, shower.
5:00-6:15 AM - Drive to start of Tri State Tour
6:30-1:30 - Enjoy the tour (total of 90 miles biked)
1:30-5:30 - Wait for bus (activities included showering, finding a local eatery, and waiting around for the sweep bus)
5:30-7:30 - Bus ride back from Kenosha, WI to Hammond, IN.
7:30-9 - Go home (stop for a quick bite to eat)
9 - get home and immediately crash.

So totals for the weekend:
112 miles bike, 6 miles ran and one tired Clyde.

Coming up this weekend, my first Oly, the Elkhart Lake Triathlon.

After Saturday's brick (and Sunday's bike), I have to admit, I feel pretty good about it.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

My View Of The Indy 500...

How was yours?

I am not a huge Indy car race fan at all, but I must say, seeing these cars whizz by you at 220+ is pretty breathtaking. And I got to see a crash right in front of us, pretty amazing that drivers most times simply walk away without injury. If you ever get the chance to go to a race, I'd say do it, you will not be dissapointed.

I am doing this on Sunday

Tri State Tour

I'll have pics and a write up after. If I don't get back before then, everyone have a great weekend.