Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Race Report

So, it's almost been two weeks, kill me, I've had a ton of crap going on.

Now for the race report.

Green Bay Half Marathon -
Mile 1 - 8:00 min/mile
M2 - 8:05
M3 - 8: 07
M4- 8:06
M5- 8:09
M6- 8:09
M7- 8: 13
M10-13.1 - no timing mats, but a 9:33 average those last 3, not 8:33, 9 effing minutes, 33 seconds.

The day was a bit chilly, 45 degrees at the start, but I felt good and I actually like to run in cooler temps as I sweat like a fat kid in a candy store when it's warm (I can say that, because that use to be me). I actually felt that I was running somewhere in the range of 8:30-9 miles the first couple of miles, so when I crossed the mile 5 marker (1st one with a timer that I saw) and saw 45:26 (knowing I had been back about 4-5 minutes at the start)...I thought I was in business. I really didn't feel like I was slowing down miles 5-10, and staying with 9 seconds on those miles, I was right on in my calculation. (Although my skinny little cousin did manage to pass me in these miles) I was pumped, a 1:45 half marathon was definitely attainable.


BAM!!! A pain like no pain I have felt since I started calf, out of nowhere, just cramped. Cramped like it was never going to release....I thought my calf was literally going to rip right off the bone and not just one of them, nope those sons of bitches decided to tag team on this one.

........THIS IS NOT GOOD.........

I remember thinking......WTF!!!! people kept passing me as I tried to limp on, I decided to stop at the nearest tree and try every calf stretch I could think seemed to work a little, but every step after that, I could tell if I tried to push to hard it would cramp again. I would take 5 or 6 strides very slow, and then try to really push off and get back to pace (mentally and breathing wise, I was fine, I could have pushed), my calf would feel like someone was sticking a knife my legs were saying "Don't mess with us right now" I had to surrender and go at this reduced pace. There was one last hill about mile 11, that I told myself there is no way I'm walking up unless I'm dead, so I managed to get up that and carry on, albeit at a very leisure pace. I made it through Lambeau and to the gate....and although my time was a full 6 minutes faster than last year, I came away in a bum mood, knowing breaking last years time by almost a minute a mile was 3 short miles away from happening....

What happened you ask? Not exactly sure, I felt I had enough training and my splits prior to the last 3 show that....the only thing I can think of is dehydration. With it being a little colder out, I didn't take in as much water as I normally do. That's the only thing I can think of. When I play B-ball and don't drink enough (hot, sweaty gym), I cramp. But I have NOT ONCE ever cramped while running/biking/swimming...

So I guess it's on to next year, and you better be ready 1:45, because I'm coming back, and I feel like I need to show you something.

Oh yeah...and to top it off, not one single race photo of my on the site Cellcom provides for race pictures....I guess it just wasn't my day. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go kick my dog.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Race Results

I'll write more at lunch, let's just say I "blew up" the last 3 miles... as you can see I had a decent pace the first 10 (for me), but then ended up with a 8:32 overall pace......the last 3 miles took me about 10 min each.....

It was the longest 3 miles I have ever run. Stay tuned.

So the link isn't working.

My finishing time was 1:51:55 for the 13.1 miles.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Official Season Starter

Well everyone, the time has come. The 2006 season officially kicks off for me this weekend with the Green Bay Half Marathon. It was this race, last year, that officially got me hooked on running, which over the course of four short months, lead tom my interest in triathlons. On a whim, I decided to run it, since that day, running/swimming/biking have taken over the majority of my thoughts.

Last year, I placed 21st out of 70th in the Clydes division. This year I am hoping for top 10, a goal I think I can reach, but a goal I'm not going to try and kill myself doing this year. I feel I have the training, but my schedule the next 4 weeks is pretty rigorous for my half Iron Man training, and I don't want to push myself so hard that I have to take a few days off to recover. I guess we will see how I feel Sunday morning. Not to mention I think I have a case of Planters Fasciitis that has been on and off the last 3 weeks. I've been stretching my feet like a mo' fo' the last few days, and some times it feels great, other times it hurts like hell. So we are going to play it by ear, if I can average 8 min/mi or so, I'll be all good, either way I just want to have fun.

I am extra excited for two reasons, acousin of mine (who over the last year has lost a ton of weight) and my Pops have decided to run with me. My cousin runs about the same pace I do, maybe a little faster, so it'll be nice to have someone to pace off of. I'm not sure what pace my Dad plans on running, but at any rate it'll be nice to be able to start with him.

So that's it for now, I'll have a race report after the weekend, I'll try to post before then, but can't promise anything. If any of you get bored on Sunday and want to see how I did, I'm bib number 3738.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Lyrical Gangsta

Little did you know, that I almost made the cut for "8 Mile". If you watch the B-footage, I'm there.

Fo real do......

(Notice my new kick a$$ Felt hat, oh yeah.)

Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Shaved Clyde!!!

Yeah the picture is blurry, but I took ten and for some reason none came out right, and that was even using a tripod...anyways, there's a calf shot for my faithful followers. Looks like some of hill bike rides are starting to pay off.

Ever have one of those days that just don't work out? Today was one. Forgot my swim bag at home. So I decide to ditch swimming, and play some B-ball tonight, usually Thursday nights are open gym. Get home, quick change, head to the B-ball....think, well maybe I'll just go for a run, get back, it starts raining....some days you can just never win I guess. Here's to a better tomorrow.

I guess it could be worse, I could follow "America Idol" and be totally pissed that some big scandal happened, because there is no way that guy that got booted last night should have got would think that that was actual news the way the papers here in Chicago covered's a show people, let's get on with our lives, please, for my sanity.........

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

45 Miles

Good overall weekend for training. 4 mile run Friday. Then a one hour easy ride on Saturday to get loose for The Sudden Century (I was going to do 56 miles). So I get all my stuff ready and head to bed.

Sunday morning I wake up, shower, etc...go to grab my bike and my back tire is flat. Not a problem, I have two spares at home, so I grab one of those and get to work on the tire. I get the tube off the rim, put the new one on, get it all aligned, put the tire back one, and bam...only about a 1/4 of an inch of stem is sticking out, not even close to enough to be able to hook the bike pump up to it.....what the hell......well it appears that inner tubes come in 3 flavors of stem length, and of course with my funky Easton rims I need at least the middle size stem in order for it to poke out far enough for it to be pumped here I am at 6 in the morning all ready to go, and no functioning bike to ride. I went back to be, and tried to fall asleep through my anger.

So I wake up a few hours later, go to the bike store, and buy a few new tubes with the correct stem length. Lesson learned I guess. No worries though, I found another ride I'm going to do in 3 weeks to make up for it...the Tri-State Tour sounds really cool so I'm going to give that a try.

As for the I was riding on the trail, I heard this really loud hissing as I riding through this marshy patch of path....and out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of this.....I wish I could have got closer to give you some comparison, but the shell of this thing was about the size of a 14-16 inch pizza, the tail was about 8-9 inches long. I grew up by a marsh and I can say it was absolutely the largest snapper I have seen in the wild ever. It was a nice little couple minute distraction on my "make up for being a dumb ass" ride that I did after I fixed my flat Sunday afternoon.

I am trying to get video I have of myself on the bike from the ride, but YouTube is not cooperating for some reason. I'll revisit the issue tonight.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Quit Yer Beatching...

Yes it's been over a week, lots going on right now...but I can promise two things to you in the next few days on this of me on a bike ride, and a gratuitous naked shot....let's just say the Mach 3 met it's hairy match this weekend, and now I have the sexiest legs in New Lenox....maybe I can get my mayor to spend $1462 on me instead now.....

I PROMISE this will all be righted by Wednesday.

Oh yeah, and did I tell you the wetsuit was only a large? Did the coach not notice my massive frame? Needless to say, the wetsuit pictures are not going to happen, as the thing barely got over my waist...a large? What was he thinking?