Friday, April 28, 2006

Oh The Anticipation...

So who here is ready for a full body shot of The Clyde all Neoprene'd up? Stayed tuned, pic will be posted tomorrow. This is just advance warning...if you don't want to see the whitest skin this side of the Mississippi clash with the a very black suit, I advise you stay away...or at least have your Oakley's on the next time you visit this site.

I didn't buy a new one, but rather my coach is letting me borrow one of his for my Olympic tri in June, since it is before the recommit date (when they give us our new wetsuits) for TNT.

Busy, busy, busy again at work, how sick is it that I'm contemplating buying a notebook with a wireless data card, so I can blog on my back and forth from work (I commute 50 minutes by train)...decisions, decisions. (I'd probably actually do work as well, but the blogger access would be a huge plus.)

9 or 10 miler one day this weekend, swim/bike brick the other, good thing the weather is deciding to dip in to the 50's for those two days and then get warmer on Monday, I love it when the weather cooperates like that, yes, that is sarcasm.

So get those glasses ready and I'll post "The Horror" tomorrow....later everybody.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

For My "Large Crowd" Of Readers

Just thought I'd put this link on here and and ask for a little help from the RBF community. I've only been fundraising for a week now, and have about $300 in checks at home as well as the $75.00 online. So far, I've only had about 4 people respond of the 100 letters I sent, but it's only been a week since I've sent them, so I think things are looking good.

The offer stands for you guys as well, donate $50 or over and I'll put the name of any cancer survivor/victim on the back of the special jersey top I'm making.

So if you find it your heart to help me out, I'd appreciate it.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Is it bad that I have a half marathon in just 4 weeks, and I should run 8 miles tonight, but all I want to do is have this between my legs tonight?

It doesn't help my decision either seeing this.....

....a woman with taste, on a bike I love. I guess I'll have to lose myself with thoughts about this on my RUN tonight...boooo.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Going Back To My Roots.

This weekend, I ventured back to the Great North to celebrate Easter with my family. Of course with reports of it going to be 70 degrees in April, in Wisconsin, it was too great of an opportunity to leave Flash at home in Illinois. So I left Friday night, bike rack on the back of the car, Flash fastened securely to it, and headed up. Got to my parents place about 11, hit the sack, woke up and got ready to roll.

The weather was perfect, even for 9 in the morning...65 degrees and not much wind. I saddled up and headed out. Riding the roads brought back many childhood memories. There were many times I would head out on my BMX single speed and just ride, we are talking rural Wi (farms Kahuna), so kidnappers, etc...really are not a concern at all. I biked a lot when I was little. The ride was super enjoyable, most of my current rides in Illinois are on an old train line, so you can image the terrain, FLAT. Where my folks live is exactly the opposite... the land was formed by a glacier thousands of years ago...hills everywhere, and the sick part is, I made sure to hit every big hill I could remember. Legs felt great...there were times my Cateye would show 4 or 5 mph as I was in the lowest gear, standing and spinning, that would never happen in Illionis. Needless to say I think I am talking a few days in June to head back up to my parents and get some more training in.

The roads were a dream as well...unlike Illionois, the majority of the roads in WI, have huge shoulders, so that was not a problem, like I said the majority of the roads have a nice shoulder which leads to the following:

I did have an incident though..... on the homestretch, I was riding on a very remote rural road. As I'm climbing up one of the final hills I hear a vehicle behind me...I move to the right, riding on the white line. As the hillbilly passes me, he decides he needs to honk and yells something. The way it looked it was an inconvience for him to have to move to the center of this empty road and he wanted to let me know, even though there was no oncoming traffic (or really any traffic). Being the "take no bullshit" type of guy I am, I gave him my friendly reminder of what I thought of him and kept riding up the hill. Well apparently he didn't like my friendly affirmation of him, and he decides to pull over. Right about now my juices are flowing, and I'm actually standing and rushing toward his truck on my bike, thinking the showdown is on. (I got a good look at him, and let's just say he was "out of shape", probably to the tune of 300-350lbs, I was not worried) I got to about 5 yards of the truck, I was getting ready to unclip....just as I was doing this, he yells something like "Flip me off asshole" or something, and then just takes off....classic pussy move on his part.

I mean it's one thing to beep at a biker, climbing up a hill, on an empty road, because you may have to swerve your fat ass and vehicle about a foot or two the left. But it's another thing then to stop and act like you are going to have words, but when it comes down to it you fold and run like a clown. As you can image the next couple of miles went by pretty fast, as the adrenaline was pumping. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fight type of guy, but this classless prick throughly deserved anything that was coming his way, he was lucky he drove off.

So overall, 35 miles at a 17.5mph clip, which is about 1.5 mph slower than my rides in Ill, but the hills are obviously the cause of that. I will still happy with those numbers, as I have only had my bike about 5 weeks now, so I really don't have "road" legs yet, but that's nothing a few more trips back home can't remedy.

Got to over 40mph as well this weekend, first time for that, boy in the aero bars and going that fast, there's just something that makes you say "WOW" and hold on tight.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

77 and The Clyde is smiling...

that's about all I have to say about yesterday's little dick tease to summer.....and are you kidding me, 84 tomorrow? Wow. TNT Swimming tonight...last week was really cool, we had to simulate the swim for people doing the St. Anthony's tri, so we had about 10 people in a double wide lane.......and guess what? Yup that's right...this rock only a few months ago, was able to stay in the middle of the pack....

Crappy post, I know, but I'm in a hurry to get out of work and enjoy the weather.

PS....does anyone get the chills like I do when they hear "House of the Rising Sun" come on? Especially the first 20 seconds? It just played on my Ipod, instant chills (It's the song in that Ironman Gatorade Commercial, for those not in the know)......

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Miami Anyone?

Lots going on this last week, but I just happened to find out about this today..

...and needless to say, it really got my competitive juices flowing. How I found out about it, is today I signed up for the Elkhart Lake Olympic distance tri..

...which if I finish top 10% gets me a free invite to the Team Clydesdale World games (in Miami) I realize that may be "a little" ambitious this year, but at least it gives me something to focus on for the next 3 months.

Sorry for the lack of posting, busy week. Today was 35 miles on Flash, God I love that bike, nice ride, a little too many stops. (The trail I ride on crosses a lot of roads, damn suburbia of Chicago).

Next weekend, going home to WI for a some hill riding and to celebrate. I'll keep you posted.

Oh yeah...did I tell you about my swim on Wednesday? No? I'll tell you tomorrow, let's just say that I think the fins are growing.

One last thing..


Monday, April 03, 2006

Shamrock Shuffle - Mixed Results

Hello my faithful followers....wanted to do a quick post on the Shamrock Shuffle 8K I did yesterday in downtown Chicago.

What I'm Happy About:
1. Had plenty of energy left at the end of the race.
2. Finished in the top 25% of the field overall(5106 out of 20,408)- no Clydes division in this run, but it would have been interesting to see where I finished in that if they did.
3. The course was nice and flat.
4. I felt I handled pre-race nutrion excellent (no stomach issues on the run).
5. My time (42:10)qualifies me, next year, to get to be in the "preferred start" group, which means I get to be ahead of about 18,000 of these runners, and right behind the "competitive" runners..(the guys that fly)...this is what I'm most proud of...for a 215-220lb guy to qualify for that, I feel is a decent accomplishment.

What I'm Not Happy About:
1. Had plenty of energy left at the end of the race. This being due to the fact that I was a little late to the starting line due to a bathroom emergency. So I started at the back of the pack...needless to say I was weaving/waiting/running around people the whole time and there was never any room for me to get into a good pace where I could push myself without running into people. It was so congested that at most corners we slowed to a walk....frustrating.

2. Due to number 1, I missed my 40 minute goal, which I feel I could have easily hit had I not had do deal with this....

So that's about was a fun run, and a nice start to the season, even though I missed my time goal, I hit my "preferred start" goal, so 1 out of 2 isn't bad. Next up, the Green Bay half, and hopefully a Top Ten in the Clydesdale division.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

This Kid And I Are Related... (I Think).

The Scene: Xmas 1986.

The object of The Clydes 3 month push of "angelic behavior" so Santa would take notice:


The Clydes reaction to getting aforementioned Voltron:


Except replace "Nintendo 64" with "Voltron", and I shit you not, it was the exact same reaction, except for the solo drum banging part, that he add-libbed.