Sunday, February 26, 2006

It's A Boy!!!

Porn below, but first, a little story. So get a blanket, gather around the fire and relax.

When it all came down to it yesterday, I took the advise of everyone I had talked to about my bike purchase the last few weeks. Noting that the two bikes I liked were pretty similar, I wanted to ride each of them, to feel what they would tell me, and make my decision based off of that. Luckily for me Mission Bay Mulitsport (just a great store) had BOTH of the bikes in stock, with my size of I was able to hop on each and take them for a spin. I rode the Tequilo, followed by the Felt, and well, to get really corny, I went with the one that "Felt" better to me at least. That's not knocking the Roo at all, it was a very, very nice machine as well, but for some reason, the Felt just seem to fit me better. So after a little bargaining with Mitch (who was great as well), at 2:17 I became the proud papa of a new baby boy. I was hoping for a girl, but just the way thing rides, I can tell it's a boy. I have a name, but I want to ride a few more times, to make sure it's the correct one...but DAMN is this thing fast.

So without much further ado, I give you, my new baby boy.

I took it him out for a little 10 miler today, I can not wait now until the warmer weather comes, you guys may never hear from me again.......

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Proud Papa

We are talking major bike porn tomorrow people!!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


This weekend, I think I am going here, to get fitted for this......

I've been going back and forth over this the last few weeks, but I've been liking this one more and more as I read about it. The store supposedly has both options I like (Felt S22 being the other), so I'm going to go up there, take a ride, get fitted and pull the trigger. Is it the weekend yet?

We are talking Ron Jeremy type bike porn coming this weekend if my frame size in stock.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Busy Week/Weekend

Wow...a whole week, feel like I'm neglecting this little blog here.....

So what have I been up to?

Well to be honest, and I'm not one of those "It's my B-day type of guys", but today is my B-day, yup, the big 3-0, a different age group, a whole new venture. I shouldn't feel old though, right? 30 is the new 20, at least that's what everyone says. I'm handling it pretty good, actually...I don't feel 30, I still feel like I'm 12 inside, but with a lot more bills.

On the training front, I'm having a little indecision right now. I was following Hal's half marathon program, but now, under my TNT coaches recommendation, I signed up for an Olympic Triathlon 2 weeks after my 1/2 marathon. He said I should get an Oly in about 2-3 months before my 1/2 Ironman...... so obviously I need to train for I think I'm going to have to make my 1/2 marathon a B+ or A- race, and the Olympic my B, race, with Steelhead being my A, and kind of fit in the TNT training with maybe a little additional running so I feel I'm ready for my 1/2 marathon.......decisions, decisions.

Hope things are well with everyone, I may not be posting, but I am still reading everyones blogs.

Monday, February 13, 2006

My Little Weekend "Problem"

I have a problem. I must admit it. I have to stop acting like my workout week ends on Friday.

Take for example this weekend.

Friday - work 7-4, get on the train and avoid some of my train buddies and the bar car (the car on the train where you can buy beer on the way home, it's amazing how much you can drink in an hour on the train sometime) so I can get home and workout. Run 6 miles, shower up, get home, thinking, OK, all I need to do this weekend is a 3 miler tomorrow and some weights on Sunday. No problem, right?

Want to guess my weekend total? That's right. One 6 miler Friday, Saturday - zilch, Sunday - nada. What is with me? I purposely do the hard workouts Friday night so I don't dread my Sat/Sun workout, and even when it's the easier of the workouts, I still miss??? WTF? I wasn't like this last year, but so far this training season, it seems to be the case, it's frustrating on many least I have my TNT trainings starting up next weekend, maybe that'll help with the whole thing, knowing a group is there for me to train with. We'll see, I guess if my day isn't structured (like during the week) I become a total slacker ("I'll do it later", until you look at then it's 9 at night, too late)......

On a different note, I saw this sign in the city today at a local deli..

"Chicken" Fajita on Wheat why in the world would chicken be in quotation? Is not really Chicken? Needless to say, I passed on that....but I did get a chuckle out of it.

FYI...I wasn't a total lazy a$$ this weekend, I did paint my computer room, I think it looks good, ubersexaully speaking, and of course I don't have the pictures here at work with me, but I'll complete my post tonight (along with letting you know how the tax appointment worked out, my bike purchase is getting closer and closer, hopefully the lil bit Uncle Sam gives me will get my savings for the bike where they need to be).


After...(not much change, but enough)

Friday, February 10, 2006

My New Wetsuit.

Got it today, tried it on, I think it fits perfect. Can't wait for the upcoming season. What do you guys think?

This new position is really keeping me busy (translation, I blog at work), hence my posts have not been up to snuff lately. I'll squeak out the TNT details later, it's going to be very cool.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Fine Ass C. Glide

...and don't you forget it!!!!

Get your pimp name.

What's yours?

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Tee en Tee

That's right folks, tonight is my first meeting of the much anticipated TNT group and although it's just an intro meeting, I am JUICED. Kind of like a kid the night before Christmas. I'll let you know how it goes, but judging from how Curly Su and Elizabeth love their group, I'm expecting nothing but the best.

Finally recovered from this weekend, did some weights/core Mon and then ran a pretty brisk 4 miler last night, Hal's got me focused on the half coming up, and I'm determined for a top ten finish (let's remember people, Clydesdale, not overall), and he's got me pushing my fat ass pretty good, so we'll see, I definitely expect to beat last years time. (1:58:00)

Got some pics to post from the annual "Marquette Madness" that was held this past weekend (the reason I was too hung over to drink for the Superbowl, I know, I was probably the only American not drinking at the time). Can you say Flippy Cup races? For those not well versed in that (I know you are partyrunner)I'll let you imagine until I have the pics up tomorrow.

That's all for now.....poop story on Friday, I promise.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Not much time.

....super busy at work today.....but just wanted to say I can not wait to workout tonight.

I have been a TOTAL GLUTTON (damn you Superbowl!!!) the last two days, after a very good friday night 6 miler.....above is what I feel like.....

One good thing...set up my tax appointment for next week, that means I should have my tax money by next Friday....and we all know what that means...BIKE TIME!!!!

More tomorrow, I promise.

Thursday, February 02, 2006


Last night I headed down to the local indoor high school track. A very cool place. On nights that there is no basketball or wrestling, they open it up for the public to use. Beautiful facility.

So last night was 400 repeats. I was only suppose to do 5, but was feeling good, so I decided to do an extra one (the program I'm on has me maxing out at 12*400) before my taper. Overall I can't complain. My avg split was around 1:28 per 400, with my last two actually helping that split in a good way (1:22 and 1:23). Not super fast, but let's keep in mind I'm about 220 right now, so hopefully that'll go down.

Tonight it's back to the gym for a workout, core and then a friendly 3 miler. Just in time to get me back home for the start of Survivor.

Boring post today, still not feeling 100%, but a lot better than yesterday.



Another post later...need to get this online for a friend.

Go Marquette!!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Damn it.

I don't know how, since it has been around 40-45 for the last month....but I think I'm coming down with a cold....SOB, I hate colds. The good news is that so far it's above the shoulders (just a runny nose and some dry coughs), so I should be able to run/swim tonight. I just hope it doesn't move down.

I'll keep you posted. Since I'm not in a humorous mood today, I'll save the poop story until I feel a little better.