Tuesday, January 31, 2006

It's on.

So yesterday started my Green Bay Half marathon official training. I am super pumped. I have been running 15-20 miles/week the last few months, but now it's official. I am going to use Higdon's Intermediate program. Unlike last year, it integrates a bit of speed work into the program, intervals, tempo runs, etc. I am hoping this extra bit of intensity will lead to some PR's this year and set me up for a good finish at GB. I am also going to add swimming and biking to it on the easier days. That way I still get the 3 disciplines in and when the 1/2 is over, I can jump right into full on 1/2 Ironman training.

So last night it was strength...over the last four weeks, I've made some pretty good gains (ie..when I started I could do 15 push ups for 3 sets...last night I was doing sets of 25)...I guess my body remembers my old weight lifting days (I use to be able to bench around 330) and is taking to the strength training well. I found that I don't like using machines anymore though, it's all body weight and free weights for me. (ie dips, chin ups, push ups, etc). I think when you do these, since you are not guided by the cables, it adds a little more to workout, like you kind of have to balance the weight as well, but that's just my theory. I can tell I'm getting stronger, which is leading to less fatigue in my runs, which I'm very happy about. Intervals tonight, so that should be fun.

In other news, the wedding was all kinds of fun, I'll have some pics on here soon, I was too lazy last night to download them.

Also, if you have not yet (what's wrong with you?), check out the Tri Geek's podcast, I would recommend it. Wil and Kahuna along with Simply Stu and Zen Tri put out some very informative podcasts. It definitly helps me get through my daily commute on the train.

That's about all for now....go and enjoy Nytro's poop story...what a great way to start the day, had me rolling for a few minutes. I have a poop story that I'll save for tomorrow....let's just say I was about 3 seconds away from calling 911 and involves me passing out for a few seconds. I'll leave you with that until tomorrow.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Friday 6 Miler.

It was over 45 today in Chicago, by my self imposed 40+ rule in the winter it means I had to hit the streets instead of the treadmil. Did a nice easy paced 6 miler in about 48-50 minutes, weather was perfect, even with a little wind.

Now it's time to leave for home (I like to leave late so all the rush hour traffic is cleared up), my cousins wedding is tomorrow. Everyone have a good weekend.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Confessions (no not the Usher song, although the ubersexual me does like it)

I must come clean........I have something to tell, and it pains me so...............

I have not swam in about 6 weeks. WHAT?????? you ask? How did you plan to do the triathlon on Monday, SWIMMING for at least 1/2 hour and then biking and running? Well plain and simple, I was going to "wing it", much like I did with my entire academic career, but still found a way to graduate. Ok, ok, here's my reason, with the added weights and core I have been doing the last few weeks, I was 100% confident I could knock out 30 minutes of a nice steady pace in the pool and then move on to the other 2 disciplines.

So let's fast forward to last night and see how this plays out.

Get to the pool, jump into my new Tyre swimsuit (that I got for Xmas, but had not been touched), and head out. Moment of truth is upon us......take a few breaths and jump into the pool. A few stretches, some warm up and let's have at it.

2000yds later, I came away very pleased, although I could tell I lost a little umph in the pool, the Xtraining with the amped up cardio (running), didn't get me totally off track. Now I know if I want to impress at Steelhead, many more hours are ahead of me in the pool, and once Team in Training starts, I intend to hit up every swim session they offer, but for now, I am pleased that I know I am not THAT far off when it comes to the blue stuff.

So a good night, beside the fact that Lost totally was boring.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Tri Dried.

Hello all....I'm back. Sorry for the lack of posting, but I was at home the last 5 days, and well, let's just say, my little brother is a die hard World of Warcraft gamer...so my time on the comp at my parents place is limited, to say the least, and they only have dial-up, let's not even get into that. Coming from cable to 56K, is just heartbreaking.

As for my training. On Monday, I was JUICED to do my 1st annual preseason sprint tri...only to have my dream smashed when I walked through the door. The pool was closed for cleaning. At first I was a little upset, but in looking back, it's understandable. A late Monday morning, in the middle of January, in the middle of WI, is not exactly a "hot" time for people needing to swim. This being said, I jumped on the spinner, did that for 45min (some intervals, standing, etc), and then ran for 45min (indoor track)....all in all, I didn't really push myself that hard, as I'm still in my "base" phase. It was nice to see that even though my main A race is not until August, I switched from bike to run fairly easily (no dead legs). After that I did a light workout and some CORE work.....I love CORE, and even though it kicks my ass every single time, I just love the feeling that my trunk is getting stronger. Although you do get some looks, because some of the exercises are kind of funny looking, especially when the ball is involved......

...I tell you, there is a porno somewhere in the making and it's going to involve one of these things. Why that lady in the pic has a mullet is beyond me as well.

On a different note, I got a flyer for the Green Bay Half Marathon in the mail yesterday......I can not wait for this race...it's my A- race of the year and it's early enough (May) for me to focus a little more on the run (going for top 10 in the Clydes division) during the spring and still get some serious bike legs and swim arms in by August for Steelhead. I will let you know how my running is going for this. (My running specific training for this race starts Feb 26th).

Endurox R4.....if you don't already use this, go out and buy some now. Sure it tastes like sh!t, but man oh man, does this stuff help you recover. I started it last week, and my legs feel fresh every time for the next day's workout. I'm talking serious taper fresh, like I didn't even run/bike the week before fresh, even though I worked out the day before. Case and point...yesterday after my little tri on Monday (which turned out to be just a tade over 5 miles in 45mins), I decided to run for 40 minutes at a perceived exertion of pretty easy........5 miles in 40 mins......seriously, that stuff should be illegal.

That's all I got for now, catching up on work, I'll be back.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I'm back...

......and smoooooother than ever......couldn't do the tri, the pool was closed, but still got in some killer workouts.

More tomorrow, gotta go.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Popularity Contest.

So as the time is coming closer and closer to add an addition to the family, my mind is constantly jumping back and forth between these two.

Which of these two does it for you (assuming they both fit me perfectly)?



...in other news, it was 49 degrees last night, so I did an "easy" 4.5, this week has been great, as I have been able to run "in the cold" outside 3 times, a nice little refresher from the treadmill in the middle Jan, I'll take it.

I also have Mon and Tuesday off next week. Monday I'm going to do my first tri of the season. It's unsanctioned, and I'm the only contestant (so I'm sure to win my age group, sweet)..but I'm going to swim for about 1/2 hour, spin for 45 minutes, and run for 45. Remember when a day off of work use to mean you'd sit on the couch, order some pizza, watch Springer, perhaps with a little bit of Cheaters and Blind Date thrown in, and then hit up some video games? Boy how things have changed for me. Now I take off of work, to workout, I think I need to see a shrink.

Anyway, MU vs Notre Dame tonight, should be a good time, the Bradley Center is sold out (18,000)for the first time since Dwyane Wade left for the pros, can't wait for work to be over so I can get my ass up to Milwaukee.

Sat is my cousins bachelor party back in WI, and I already have two stacks full of singles (that's right guys, ladies, I'm just joking.....). Anyway, before the festivities, I would like to get a 5-6 mile run in. The one thing about Illinois is that it is flat, very flat. The one thing about the Kettle Moraine area of WI, is that it is not, so any road time I can get in back home on the hills, I take advantage of, and my legs always "thank" me for it.

That's about it for now, have a good weekend everyone.

Thursday, January 19, 2006


The last couple of days, I've received some bad news from people I know. Cancer has struck a friend of family (died last Monday) and a friend of a friend (chemo didn't work, so he came home from the hospital to spend his last days in peace among family). Although I didn't know these people very well, it still hurts to see loved ones I know who are closer to these people going through what they are.

This got me thinking about the potential dangers of triathlon and how it could lead to my own passing. Even though I'm a very defensive driver/biker/runner, you never know what the next day holds, especially on training rides/runs. While I was thinking about this during my runs the last few days, I did not become nervous or scared, because if it was my time to go, I would be OK with it being on a bike or on a run, training for something I thought a few years ago, was way beyond anything I was capable of.

Don't take this wrong, I'm not depressed/worried about it at all, just at peace with it, as I often find myself, when I'm out on the roads during my training. In the Clyde's book, besides sleep, there would be no better way to go.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Ooooooh, Portion Con-trol-ol (to the sound of Prince)

Taken from Denny's Pub

That's right folks, this is the next step the Clyde is working on in his training. I've been eating much better, but over the last few weeks it's come to my attention that I may be over indulging just a tad. So with that in mind I'm going to start paying particular attention to the size of my servings and see how it goes.

On the training front, it's been unseasonably warm here the last week or so. I've managed to get some runs in with the temp between 40-45, which for Chicago is not bad at all for January. I think I'm going to have to cave in and by some running tights though. (Ubersexuals can get away with that, right Boulder?) I don't mind running on the treadmill, but there is something very Zen like about running outside, even if you can't see shit, because it's dark. This last week has really opened my eyes to that, I didn't realize how much I've been missing running outside. However, during these runs I have found out that even though shorts are fine for 40-45degrees, once it starts to get below that, the legs (and other very important external organs) go a little numb due to the coldness, so it looks like some tights are in order. Any suggestions out there?

Also, the core routine/weights I added to my workouts over the last two weeks have been starting to pay off. I could really tell, especially last night, that my core was starting to get stronger, I usually experience just a tad of lower back discomfort after a few miles when I run, however last night it was nowhere, and I can only attribute that to the exercises I've been doing, needless to say, I'm going to continue with that.

That's about all for now, my bike is CONSTANTLY on my mind, can't wait until the first week of February (where are you, you damn W2's, huh?).

Also, if you have not done the Green Bay 1/2 Marathon or full, I highly recommend it. Runners World has it in their top ten or twenty races in the US. It's extremely well organized and just an overall great event. This year I'm shooting for top 10 in the Clyde division, after a decent showing last year, after only really 3 months of training.

That's all for now,

Thursday, January 12, 2006

I'll take it.

It's January 12th and it's 45 out....for Chicago this is impressive. Looks like my run is going to be outside tonight, don't mind working out inside during the winter, but outside is so such much better. (I'll let you run with that Nicole).

That's all I got today.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Yeah, the new camera works!!

Sweet, it's been MONTHS since my old one crapped out on me, luckily I got a new for Xmas. Here is the crew that went to the MU game with me this weekend, don't let the innocent faces fool you. We ripped Milwuakee up.

Go MU!!! OK, now off to bed.

OK one more of the ladies, because I know Boulder wants to see them again.


Hello my fellow tri friends, hope things are well.

I must say, this year is starting out on the right foot for several reasons.

The first one I'm feeling good about is, that even though I never competed in a triathlon yet, I feel like I have a solid year of cardio base under me now (from all my running mostly, but in the last few months swimming and spinning as well). For Christmas, I also received the Triathlete's Bible, which I just completed, and it really shed some light on me in regards on to how to train at different times of the year, especially in the pre-season base stage of how every workout doesn't have to be a high intensity workout (which is a MAJOR problem for me, I always like to go hard). I've tried this theory for the last week and a half (I know it's a short sample), but I have to admit I feel much more refreshed everyday. It is one of my biggest problems historically (learning to not push to myself to the limit every training session), but some of the examples in the book are pretty convincing, and it seems to really be working so I'm going to stick with it. In this stage for a few more weeks, then it's on to build phase.

Another thing I'm kicking around is keeping a video journal of my upcoming training/season and put it to DVD when the season is over. I went to school for Broadcast Com, so I'm pretty good at editing video (maybe I'll post one on youtube.com to show you guys), I think it'd be pretty cool to do a Biggest Loser type thing where when they are home they video tape themselves periodically to let us know how they are doing, not a diary per se, but a journal every few days or even weeks. I could add this upcoming years race video footage/pictures and results from the 5K's, 10K's, Sprint and Oly tri's as well as the half marathon and half Ironman (and possible Chicago Marathon), put some music underneath it, edit out the boring stuff, and have a nice little DVD for me to remember this year by down the road. I'm pretty sure I'm going to do this, I think it'd add another level excitement to my training.

Third, I decided that in addition to the triathlon club I joined (which is kind of a really loosely based training club), I'm going to get down and dirty and join my local Team in Training for the Steelhead 1/2 IM. The introduction meeting is in a few weeks, but with talking with the contact from the local chapter, it seems a little more focused than the club I'm currently in, which is what I'm looking for.. I'm not going to quit the other club (It's only $30 a year), but I'm going to start up the TNT and see how it goes, at least I'll be training with some people who have the same goal as me for this year.

Fourth...I've decided to add weight training twice a week to my workout routine. Not let's get ridiculous big like Arnold, but just moderate weight with lots of reps. I keep moving between sets, so it actually does introduce a little cardio as well. This along with the core I've recently reintroduced into my program, I am starting to feel pretty good. I don't spend hours in there, just 30-45 min (2-3 rotations of my 5-7 weight exercises) and I'm done. It's a nice little change of pace.

Five...my bike....could the first week of Feb get here any faster? Please!!!!!!!

That's about all for now. Still trying to work on updating this site, but over the Xmas break I lost all kinds of motivation in regards to that and now that I'm painting the inside of the house, that is taking up much of my time. It will happen, did I tell you I'm great at procrastinating?

Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Wow Effect.

What exactly is the wow effect you may ask?

Well, the wow effect is something that I like to experience when making my "larger" purchases. So far it's happened on pretty much all of my bigger purchases. My DJ equipment (yes I use to be a household DJ name around Marquette University), my car (my Mazda 6S, hell yeah), and my house (we call her Big Blue). There are few others but you get the point.

What's all this leading too? Well to be frank, I had not yet gotten that feeling when looking at tri bikes in my price range that I was considering buying. Don't get me wrong, there are great bikes out there for price I'm looking to spend (2K-2.5K) but nothing that really made me drool with excitement or anticipation. That is until I read a post from blog friend Iron Benny. In one of his pictures, he was riding the name of a bike I had not checked out yet.....much to my surprise they had a very, very sweet bike that was exactly in my range and which literally gave me shivers down my spine looking at. As you can imagine I am hooked. Yes I realize I have to go and see how it fits and that it may not conform to my body well, but at least I have direction. So are you curious to see this already? Well here she is...

And then I saw Flatman was head over heels for one similar (although due to size of the frame he didn't get it) and I read up on some reviews and they all say this is one sweet ride. Well my big payday is only about 3 weeks away, so I'll send you pictures as soon as I have her.

Can't wait.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Had a new post....

but then this happened...... #2 UCONN goes down!!!

Being an MU grad and a HUGE college B-ball fan I am off to a watering hole to get crazy with some friends. Not too crazy though, it is a work night, so far at least. We'll see what the drinks say.