Monday, October 31, 2005

A turning point and a new journey, either way.

OK, feeling much better today. Nothing an old college buddy, several white russians, a little Buffalo Wild Wings, a new tradition "Tour De New Lenox", and overall a great night out couldn't fix. Got me back on the good side of life.

Speaking of which, this week is pretty much a make or break week for me in my career at my current position. You see, I have been at this sales postion for 5 and 1/2 years. In this industry and especially at this company (computer sales) that is a REALLY long time. Figure that at this position there is 40% yearly turnover, you do the math, basically people don't last, the "tyical" life cycle of our reps are about a year and a half. Stress, micro-management and ridiculous sales goals are a few of the things this position takes pride in. Not to say most of you don't encounter this at your job, but I doubt any of you have ever seen the movie "Boiler Room" and honestly said, "Hey that's like my job, except I'm selling computers instead of stocks"...not kidding either.

So an opportunity has come up with in the company, not in the sales field, which would pay about the same, maybe a tiny more and be very much less stressful. You see this is the 11th best company to work for in Chicago if you're not in the sales dept. At any rate my second interview for this position is Tuesday, and on Friday, should I get the go ahead to the final round/or get the job, I am taking the test for the certification I need in order to be able to take the job. Comprendas? If I am "hired" a condition of the hiring will be that I have this certification. So needless to say, I have been studying my a$$ of for this test and preparing fake questions in my mind for the interview. Not to mention the test is $250.00 that if I pass I get back, but if I don't I'm SOL.

You see, if I don't this new postion (which I really do want), I am going to actively pursue other avenues (not with this company). I am torn over this as being here this long, even though we have 4000 employees, there really is a family feel in the company, but I feel it's what I need to do. I can no longer go to "work" and spend countless hours reading blogs, browsing the world wide web and trying to "act" busy. The passion for this position has long since been missing, and it's time to do something about it.

So I guess I'm just writing to blow off some steam and take a little study break, back to the study guide. Don't mean for this to be a downer or anything, but I can say there is something refreshing about actually seeing all the words written down that I have been feeling for quite some time.

I will keep you all updated and see where this new journey is going to take me.

OK, now back to the training.

Friday I did a mini-brick....30mins on the stationary, 3 mi running, felt great.
Sat - 5 mile run (legs felt sore from the bike, but I made it.)

Birdhouse In Your Soul - They Might Be Giants

Friday, October 28, 2005


I am having an elitist feeling today, so it is in the best interest for my blog readers that I do not type as I would spew venom for several paragraphs on my sometimes corrupt views of society and human kind. When I feel like this, which is rare, it is best for me to let it wear off.

Hopefully I will return to my fun loving self tomorrow and inform everyone of Xmas 5000.

New to the blog is that I will end each post with the song that is stuck in my head on the day I blog.

Today, Ball and Chain by Social Distortion.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Blue Balled.

It has been a long time since my body has felt like it did last night. Due to several errands I had to do last night, I was only allowed about 20-30 minutes for a quick workout and shower. I decided to do a 2.5 mile loop around my neighbor hood, figuring 2.5 is better than doing nothing at all.

As I approach my street as I finish and start to walk my body is like "What the hell? That's all you're doing tonight? WTF? I'm just getting warmed up." And so it went, throughout the night I kind of felt out of it, like my body was all built up to go on a normal run and then just left hung out to dry. Kind of like how I use to date, a lot of anticipation, not a lot of result. So I guess I'm just wondering, where along this twisted path does a 2.5 miler (which use to be .5 longer than my normal short days) become not even an appetizer? Is it wrong that I consider anything shorter than 5-6 miles not worth it?

Anyways, Brenda is totally awesome, not sure why that name came to her, but that's what feels right, so I'm going with it. This thing is so small, without a doubt I will be writing here in the next couple of months about how I accidentally sent her through the washing machine becuase she was in my pants pocket which I forgot about and no longer works. But I have to enjoy her while I have her, I guess.

Christmas 5000 this weekend....more on that tomorrow, but we'll just preface it by saying that in 2003 I had my Christmas tree up by Sept 18th while living in a highly populated apartment complex......and a beautiful tradition was born.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Oh Yeah Baby!!

Guess who just got an email at work saying he won this?

And they are delivering it tomorrow...for all the boneheads you have to deal with in sales sometimes, times like this make it worth it.

Monday, October 24, 2005

New Socks.

Really busy today, but I just found out that the new socks I ordered online have been delivered...that means I get to run in new socks tonight!! I love the feeling of new socks.

Sometimes it just the little things that make your day.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

WOW!! (Updated)

What can I say, all I know is this is probably way out of my price range, but holy sh!t does this bike look like it can fly. Trek's new Tri bike that was raced at Kona by a few elites.

MSRP $6799.99* ---- yup, just what I thought.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

My 15 minutes, let me enjoy it.

What more can an aspiring tri-athlete such as myself ask for than to be mentioned on "THE" triathlon website that you know everone loves? A mention on Tri-Geek Dreams (scroll up once you hit the link)along with being added to the "highly" selective team, may just be too much for me to take in at one time.

Wow, I didn't even have a speech written for this special occasion, I would just like to thank everyone that has supported me over the years. I must now go and gloat in self glory, thank you.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

One day, I will bike this trail

Not much time to blog this weekend, but found this pretty interesting. A couple walked the American Discovery Trail.

I wouldn't walk it as it's always been a dream of mine to bike across the US, I thought maybe I'd do it on a road bike and plot my own course, however, I think for this trail, a mountain bike would be a better option to do it on and the path is already set. (Not to mention that one day on this dreamy trek of mine I'd get to sleep at home, as the northern part of the Illinois trail is 1/2 block from my house.)

Now I just need to find when I can fit a 4900 mile ride in my schedule......maybe 2008?

Last night, 4 easy miles. I tell you, I was regretting eating like crap the last week that last mile or so though, but I can't lie, my legs did feel strong, considering I only ran once last week.

Friday, October 14, 2005

All kinds of better.

OK, disreguard the prior post, I went to the health club and just decided to kick my own a$$ by weightlifting last night, and I must say the shock therapy worked well.

"Oh you like pizza, lard ass? Do ya? Well do 10 more pushups, how about a few crunches, yeah? see how these dips feel, how does that extra cheese feel now, tubby?", etc, get the idea.

Anyways when I was done, I literally could barely drive home, I was just owned, but damn it felt good.

This weekend, a little high school reunion, so put on the fake smile and find the shortest beer line...hope everyone has a good weekend. Good luck to all the participants at Kona!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

I am in a funk, so frustrating.

Hey all, it's been a few days since I've posted. Don't know what to say, just been in a funk the last couple of days, really for no reason. Still getting my workouts in, but I have been eating like absolute sh!t (Mountain Dews and pizza are pretty much what I have been living off of the last few days) and am just kind of plowing through my days. Can't really place why I feel like this, maybe it's the weather, the fact that it's dark when I wake up, and is dark just as I get off the train from work. Something about sitting 10 feet away from daylight all day (I sit right by a window) and then not being able to play in it when you get home. Or maybe it's because the season is over, except for a turkey trot and a x-mas run I plan on doing, but at which I'm not expecting personal bests because I haven't done interval training for the last couple of weeks. Who knows. I'm not really depressed, just feel like I don't have any "umph" the last couple of days. I think I'm going to lay low until Monday and start fresh....maybe that'll bring some intensity back to me.

Didn't mean to get anyone down, maybe it's just one of those weeks. Guess I'll puch through, I mean tomorrow is Friday, right, and try to regroup for next week, especially with the food thing.

Later people.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Things I learned this weekend.

1. I can drink 3-4 beers on the train ride home (approximately an hour) and still have a good 5 mile run afterwords.

2. Going out with broke friends is not as much fun as it use to be.
"Hey Kickin Clyde, can you cover me tonight, I'll get you back" ---yeah, sure.

3. The "Big Lebowski" teamed with several white russians still make for a pretty enteraining two hours.

4. I am a pyromaniac when it comes to late night bonfires, I may need to seek counseling.

5. Red Baron pizza does eventually taste good if you drink enough.

On a seperate note, want to say congrats to all of those who completed the Chicago marathon this weekend, way to go!!! I was thinking of all of you throughout the day, and the text messages on my phone made for an exciting Sunday morning.

As for my training, back to the pool tonight before Monday Night Football, not much else...hope the dehydration from this weekend will clear up this afternoon (drinking water like a fiend as we speak) or it could be an interesting swim.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Chicago Marathon.

Nothing about me today, just want to wish everyone running the marathon this week good luck...and yes that includes you Jennifer Wilbanks!!!

As if the motivation to cheer on a few of my Chicago friends and some of the people from the blogger sites I frequent wasn't enough, seeing a "15 minutes of fame" figure may just put me over the hump of laziness to get up at 6:00 on a Sunday to catch the train to the city.

I wonder what Kato Kaelin is doing this weekend?

Good Luck Everyone!!!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Isn't it ironic...

that I can sit and be so entertained and motivated by "The Biggest Loser", while at the same time stuffing my face with a large order of Sweet and Sour fried chicken?

(BTW, Jillian will you be my trainer, please?)

Cross trained last night, my cardio-weight cycle that I made up, move from one upper body part to the next without stopping, so not only am I breathing pretty hard, but my body is getting worked as well. Followed that up with some core work, I always feel pretty beat when I'm done and last night was no different.

That's all for now, 6 to 8 miles tonight, depending on how I feel and if I want to go watch the playoffs at the local watering hole after my workout (yet some more irony, go workout and then head to the bar, both are in the same strip mall, haha)......

Monday, October 03, 2005

My New Love.

I have, for the last year and a half or so, been a huge advocate of Nike Shox TL, however the latest style of the shoe, which I purchased not too long ago, has been giving my feet/legs a pretty good beating every run, too say the least. Upon placing the cause of my new found pain on my shoes, I decided to do something very out of my character and go seek advice not found on the internet (big step, I know, especially for someone like me who hates the whole sales "game", even though I'm in sales a profession, how ironic is that?) and go to the local running store to partake in the aforementioned game.

Well I was pleasantly surprised, the sales guy there, who was maybe 21 at the most, put me through a series of walking, stretching and striding tests to see my stride....he then pulled these bad boys off the shelf (see above)....I put them on.........and was almost instantly pissed off at myself. They were BY FAR the most comfortable pair of shoes I have every worn, it really doesn't even feel like I'm wearing them. Once again my stubborness to seek outside help led me down the wrong path. On my first run with them, I went out for six miles and after I was done, it didn't even feel like I had run (pain wise)..... moral of the story. I am not as smart as I like to think I am (in relation to certain things of course, haha).

So anyways, had a wedding Friday night, so that meant Saturday was "get over the hangover" day. Yesterday I was going to slack and not run, but due to a storm, the electricity went out about 4:30, right as I sat down to load up some new songs on the ol' mini after the storm passed, and with nothing else to do, I decided to just go out and run for an hour, no pressure, no pacing, no route, just run and hope the electricity was back on by the time I returned. I returned and it was, so I was happy that I didn't have to shower with my head lamp on (yes I own one, why? No I don't know why). After my shower, I "googled earth'd" my route and I actually ran 7.4 miles in the hour out, not too bad at all, considering I took 3 water breaks and really was running just for fun. If I can keep that pace for my 1/2 marathon in May (yes I am thinking ahead), I should be able to place top ten in the Clydes division....and that's still 8 months away!!! All in all, as Ice Cube use to say, today was a good day.