Friday, July 29, 2005


Boy, the week it has been.....let me take you back to Monday, July 25th. Coming off a weekend of being at the lake at Paw Paw, Michigan I had been the victim of a severe sunburn. I decided that I was not going to let this deter my running schedule and headed out in the very hot (95) and humid weather. I started off very strong, but at mile 2.5 felt more spent than at mile 12 of the 1/2 marathon I did. The last 1.5 miles were horrible, to say the least, as I had to stop 3 times to take on water (normally I can do a 4 miler with no water stops)and I just felt so hot and spent, which was not normal, because I have run well in hot conditions many times before....I couldn't figure out what was going on, I even started to question my running I got home and went to shower I noticed something suspect though, literally hundreds of "rain drops" on my shoulders and back. Upon further inspection I figured out why I felt so drained, I had been overheating...those little "rain drops" were actually small blisters. My body had been trying to sweat, but the sweat had been getting "caught" under my sunburned skin and was trapped, so I was unable to keep myself cool the way I normally do...It was a little freaky, but kind of cool in a way to see all these little bumps over my back.....and it was reassuring to see that my "theory" about my poor run could be tied into this, at least for me it works.

Fast forward 24 hours...Tuesday July 26th...raining and 70, no humidity.....I must have stood at the edge of my garage for about 5 minutes..."should I go?", I thought "I don't see any lighting, I think you'll be OK"....and with that I was gone, and I mean gone...I was flying....rain constantly beat down on my head over the course of the next 6 miles. Yes I got stares from passing cars, but I didn't care, it was just me, the rain, and the earth in a weird, but very real connection with Mother Earth, I felt like I was one with the world, on a different level, it was very spiritual, like a total peacefulness even thought I was moving. Those 6 miles felt better than any other run I have had in the last year...maybe it was karma coming back to me for leaving me the day before, but it was something beyond what words can express.

Wednesday was a swim day, my first time swimming in the last year and a half and I was able to knock out 45minutes straight without stopping, I didn't count laps because I just wanted to get my body acclimated to the water again, needless to say I was pleased at my stamina, I will be adding swimming to my routine now, so my quest for a triathlon in spring is now officially underway...I will do a half ironman next summer.

Last night was the 8 mile hilly course, and again, my legs felt fantanstic...I think my body realized I didn't deserve what it did to me on Monday and has been trying to make up with me all week, and I gladly took it's apology.

Friday, July 15, 2005

A Friendly Voice...

Just a little post to say thank you to whoever that guy on the bike path was last night. I had about a mile left on a very humid and sweaty (like I need help with that, I sweat like a pig even when it's not humid) 6 miler, when I was contemplating taking a few steps of walking because it was "too humid", it was "OK" to slow down because I "earned" it.
.....When all of a sudden I hear, "On your left....keep it up, you're looking strong" as a biker on a decked out Litespeed bike cruised was as if the Karma God knew what I was thinking and sent along this little messenger to kick me in the a$$ that last mile. Needless to say I finished that last mile without stopping, dripping wet and all.

Ah, I love this sport.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Cool Google Tool...

Have you ever gone out and wondered how far you ran, only to have to drive it out in the car afterwords? Well here is a cool tool for distance that actually lets you map your own route and tell you how far you went. It's a little tricky at first, but read the directions on the left and you should be good to go. It also has "satelite" view which changes from the electronic map to actual satelite images, so if you run trails like me, you can see those on the map as well and figure out the distance. Pretty cool. I could also see my house and shed in the back yard, kind of scary in a way.

In running news I've been keeping up pretty good. After last week's Summerfest party I got back out on the trail on Monday and started it up again. Due to some unseen financial things pop up, I may have to put my bike on hold for a month or two, so my goal of doing a sprint tri may have to be moved until spring, but we will see, if I can get it in Aug/Sept perhaps I can still sneak one in....and then of course there's the Chicago marathon and if I want to do that, I wish they offered a half for that, but they don't. I don't have much time to decide though, this is the last week to sign up........

Friday, July 01, 2005

New Kicks And Week In Review

I would officially like to welcome two new members to the Schabel family. A pair of bumbling bouncing twins was shipped in this week. I buy all my shoes off of ebay, so even thought these retail in the US for $150 a pair, I actually got both pairs for around $110. I've been running in shox for about a year now and they are perfect for bigger runners like myself.

In running news, I had a solid week. I went home this weekend and had a SOLID 5 miles in the rolling hills of Theresa, Wisconsin. My hometown is small, so five miles is pretty much running around the outside of the town, which is what I did. I must admit if I lived back with my parents, I would be a stronger runner as the rolling hills of Wisconsin offer much more hill training than even the hilly path I found close to my home in Illinois. It was about 90 out, but I still did 5 and took in some awesome views of the country side. I did a few "short" 4 milers this week with a 7 miler on the treadmill last night, in which I was flying (for me). I did 7.5mph the whole time, so I did it in little under an hour.

Tomorrow is our annual Summerfest trip....It's one of the best days of the year, so no training for me the next day or two, as I will probably be recovering from the debauchery that is sure to ensue, I'll put up some pictures early next week.

Happy 4th of July everyone.