Friday, May 27, 2005

I am....

Runners Ready!!!
Boom......commotion, numbers, shoes, cups, wind...everything meshing together in a smorasborg in a flurry of arms and legs, of colors, emotoins and movement.

1,2,3...ok, too slow, pick it up, where is that 4:15 marathon pace group? There's the sign, cmon get past it, you have it, sweet, on to the next where are you, 4 hour group? There's the sign, target on lock, let's get my next victim.

4...already? I should slow down....where was my "30 step" planned break at mile 2? Don't need it, keep pushing... 4 hour pace group is just a block ahead, get in front and then pace.

5,6..was that really a hill, did I really just push myself up that like that...I think I can keep this pace. Did I really just pass the 4 hour marathon group, stay in front and you'll be able to hit your sub 2 hour 1/2 time. Keep pushing....

8,9 ....thank you home owners for planting those trees...the canopy they provided for the last couple of miles has been so zen-like to run through...sure I'll take a couple of orange slices....thank you whoever you were. GU, yummy.

10,11...this is it, your legs are saying no, but listen inside, don't tear up now, why are you getting emotional, stop it, no they are not tears of hurt they are tears of pride, of Saturday mornings you never thought you'd be able to get up and run,but you did, and now, now you're still not done, left, right, left, right...just a few more minutes...there she is, look at Lambeau Field, it's calling, get there.

12....Dad, you don't have to run in your street clothes with me to support me, but thank you, yeah I'm OK, my legs are a little sore, I've never pushed myself like this before, I have to beat 2 hours for the half and I know I passed the 4 hour pace guy for the full a few miles back, is he lurking over my shoulder? There he is, stay in front, you've got him by a couple hundred of yards, push, no walking through this water stop, have to stay in front.... many greats have come out of this tunnel? Stop and enjoy, no keep pushing, you're almost there. Look at all those people sitting in the stands, cheering you on, keep going, just the parking lot and you're done.

12.8.... here it is, last stretch, bring it can you stride like this when you were just contemplating walking a 1/2 mile ago...push, push, clock shows 1:59 you can do it, bring it home, faster, run, faster, pump,.aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh push.......whew, done......

I am....a half marathoner. I am a runner. I am hooked, why didn't I run one before? I am starting a new chapter in my life. The old Chris is gone and although this new Chris has been running for 6 months, he hasn't been "running".

I will be a marathoner, I will be a tri-athlete, I will be a competitive Clydesdale. I will train harder, I will improve my 21 of 70 to top 10, I will, I will, I will.

Bib 368, Green Bay Cellcom 1/2 Marathon 1:57:58 21/70 Clydesdale division.

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